Fat guy sculpting

hi, lately ive been searching myself for a solution of modelling organic things whithout ‘select, extrude, and scale/move’. so i found the sculpt technique, yay! :cool:
and now im sculpting a fat guy. i allready have his body. now i need some good tips to help me with attaching the limbs. (i gotta sculpt them first, though ;))

a screenshot (link)
and a render (link)

critics are welcome :slight_smile:

p.s: he’s high-poly 'cause he ain’t going to be animated. This is just a test for knowing the sculpting technique better.

The problem is that now you don’t have good topology. You should model a base mesh first, using the standard techniques (sorry) and then sculpt. Otherwise to get detail in logical places you will have to have way too many polys.

hm, okay.
but is there a standard technique then?
what is it? :slight_smile:

i started with a cylinder, extruded it and then started sculpting with multires.

the trouble with what your doing is that a lot of the polys are so close together and similar that they could be done with much fewer (particularly with subsurf and set smooth on, which it looks like you already have).

Do a low poly version (start with a cylinder with only a few segments if you like) but put in a few loop cuts (k is hotkey) close to where detail happens (e.g. skin folds or muscles) and before you start sculpting.

Then just make the rough model by moving around a few vertices / edges / faces as needed, add a few more loop cuts if needed (another way to limit polys is e.g. if making lumps (e.g. breasts, six-pack) - pick a face, extrude it, scale it down, and bring it out a little so it’s a face within a face extruded out rather than a loop cut round the whole model for the sake of a local extra detail).

When you are finished making the rough one, sculpt and add more cuts as needed. It will take a little practice, but not that much.

This one starts off as an uncapped cylinder with 8 sides - subsurfed, set smooth (w key), cage applied to model (button beside subsurf options), few loop cuts (k - selects cut to make then you can slide it, if you need to move it again, select an edge then use ctrl+e then pick loop select then same again but loop slide), and a few quick edits. It shows how much you can do in under 60 seconds with very little and you can imagine how much more detail you can add with less polys than your model already has.


On top of what other people said about topography… Think about what you would need to do to get good arms and legs.

Sculpting is there for the purpose of adding detail to an existing mesh. You simply can’t start with a cylinder and make anything you want. Particularly when you have to make large extrusions from the main body such as arms.