fat ninja -> needing help on materials

That’s my first topic and work here, I’m hoping to finish my first little movie about this character , but I’m new on blender and I’m needing help to get an more cool material for the black cloth , red belt and for the skin, and any other tips that you can give to improve the character.


good start, i like him. have u tryed texturing him (U.V), or applying bumpmaps.

I’m trying to learn more about materials and texture, if u recommend some tutorial or tip please post here. Then when i make some changes in the character i’ll post here

when I aplly an image normal map, the specularity light doesn’t work
anyone knows why?

turn specularity way down on the black cloth

Here’s some bump that i made for the cloth

My favorite way to make textures is UV unwaping the model and aply a gimp painted texture to it, this allow total control, gives better results and fast render times… but it´s a litle time consuming.
Here are some tuturials that may help:
Great charactor :wink:

Thx everybody for helping.
Now I’m having new Problems but now in rigging part, i follow this tutorial to make the rigging of mycharacter :http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BSoD/Introduction_to_Character_Animation
but it is not so complete as all , because when i move the members it really deforms the character in the articulations, for example in the shoulder , knee , elbow , etc…
If someone could help me with some good tutorials or tips for that
txh again


So it´s a skining problem, not a rigging one… :stuck_out_tongue:
The first thing you could do is fine tune the vertex Weight paint. In the tuturial the vertex have the same weight (1), but you can lower that at the Joins, making them bend more smooth [exemple] After that you could make corrective shape Keys that will fix that unreal deformations.
One thing that I think it helps:
Dowload Bassam mancandyor Emo or Proog from E.D. and do a litle reverse engenearing :yes:

Here is a good tut to do it simply. It uses the old vertex groups. I loved the BSoD anim tut, but I hated using the weight painting to assign vertices to bones. It wound up taking 3 times as long fixing problems.