Fat Rat : First model project blog

Hey guys.

Just picked up blender for the very first time. I’ll just say now I’ve had minor experience prior with a program called Rhinoceros 3D, but I dont think that matches up to what blender can do. I’ve been following a tutorial from CG.Tutsplus and have come up with the following :

Figured i’d do a big round shape to start off with, so I drew a big fat rat character to model off.

I do have a problem however. Being at work, I cant screencap it. But There is a hole in the side of the mesh (it has progressed a lot further than whats capped here.) And i’m unsure how to fill it in and join it so there isn’t any problem with further modeling.

I will update with better images in an hour.


I had to do multiple looks at this character because the front view his tail looks like something else completely different. >.>

That’s a really good start by the way. As for filling the hole, one way is to select the vertices, and hit “F” for fill. I may be wrong, but I’m at an internet cafe, away from my list of shortcuts.