Fatal Error Blue Screen on windows 2000 NT

(cyclopstud2) #1

Okay, so I’ve got a nice complicated picture where I’m duplicating stuff a lot and all the sudden the mouse dies and the usual ctrl + alt + del does not work (Total Crash). Eventually a blue screen comes up that says:

***Stop: 0X0000005A (0X 00000001, 0X00211724, 0X0000000001, 0X82046320)


Beginning dump of physical memory

Okay, so once its done dumping it restarts cuz I figured out how to make it do that at least. Anyway, the Stop numbers are different every time. Whats wrong?

(Jolly Gnome) #2

if I recall correctly, the numbers are memory areas

(cyclopstud2) #3

I tried a few a things concerning physical memory. I downloaded a program called RAMidle that watches my free RAM and stuff. I was thinking that blender might be taking up gobs of RAM or something… but whenever it crashed, it still had like 300 MB RAM left. So maybe my RAM chip is bad or something? This is a new computer (ahem a Dell). Any other suggestions?

(meestaplu) #4

The important stuff first:

  1. Does the crash occur after a certain length of time using Blender, or does it occur after a certain event, like duplicating an object?

  2. The number in the upper right corner of the Blender interface screen shows how much RAM your scene uses - what is that number?

  3. How many vertices does your duplicated object have, and how many times are you duplicating it? You may be exceeding the vertex/face limit; Blender can handle about 4 million polygons.

I hope this helps.

The following is just some tech stuff that will probably not help you with your problem, but if you’re curious:

Cyclopstud2 wrote:

***Stop: 0X0000005A (0X 00000001, 0X00211724, 0X0000000001, 0X82046320)

0x5a is the Windows NT/2k stop code for Critical Service Failed, which is not well documented. Stop codes are fairly straightforward, though - Windows spits them out on a blue screen when the kernel cannot recover from “catastrophic” (Microsoft actually used that word) errors. The parameters - the numbers in parentheses - for different stop codes are all different, and they are not necessarily memory locations.

I’m just curious: How much RAM do you have that there are 300 megs left when Blender crashes?

(gargola) #5

hey! i don’t know if has something to do with your problem,but i discovered that blender save copies of your .blend files on the windows TEMP folder…when i first discovered it there were like 50 copies already on the TEMP folder and they were taking 100 mb of space on my hard drive!!! :o anybody knows something about that?you might want to check on that(if you haven’t already) :smiley:

(VelikM) #6

To find out where Blender is saving the temp file to, pull down the top header, the path is under the ‘Auto Temp Save’ button, edit the path if you want the files saved to a different location.

(cyclopstud2) #7

After much troubleshooting and debugging, I think it is a problem with directx 8.1 being sketchy for the win2000 version. In trying to isolate whether it was a graphics card or RAM problem, I tried installing and playing a few games (i.e. tribes 2, dungeon siege, etc) and none worked. I also tried running a graphics benchmarker (from 3dmark.com) which I know requires a functional version of directx8.1 and what do you know, the benchmark program will not run and gives a similar error as previously posted, but fortunately it is not a fatal error. BTW, I brought these games IN because this is a computer at work. Anyway, I am upgrading to XP pro since we have a nice discount. We’ll see how this works.