Father, Oh Father

Hi folks,

from January on I’ve been working on this project about a humanoid robot. And my artistic targets were to depict it as a sentient being, to raise compassion for it, and to stay clear of any uncanny valley.

It started as a still image, but soon I felt that I would not be able to express, what I had in mind with one single image. Therefore I changed it into an animation project. Now I would say that the last frame would serve well as a still. Sometimes you have to take the long way :wink:

There are technical errors and flaws, but I call it done now. I’m sure I could work around these technical issues. But I for my part think that I got as close to these artistic targets as I could with my present set of unfinished skills. Continuing on the sole technical side of it would not take me any further.

Now I hope you’ll like it too.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during the creation of this work in my WIP thread by posting thoughts, criticisms and encouragements or by simply visiting my thread.

A spectacular piece minoribus nothing else to say, but 5* from me.


Wow, i hope one day i could do something like that !
Good job ! Just a thing : could u tell me how long did u work on it ?
And again : Good job !!!

A fantastic job in all aspects Minoribus. I hope people will take the time to click on the youtube icon and watch in full screen HD. You can get a great appreciation for all the work that went into this.

That is a great still image you picked to post here. It really shows the depth that you brought into this project.

Great stuff man! Love it. I don’t even want to think about render times on that.

Shaun, thank you very much, I feel honored :slight_smile:

MasterYoda, I’m glad you like it! I can’t tell how many hours went into tihis project because I didn’t count them. I put this project aside during the last steampunk competition and in the last weeks I have been busy with my real job. But I have been working continuously on it in my spare time for about roughly 5 months. It could have been done much faster if my workflow would be more of the straight kind :slight_smile:

Harleynut, thanks a lot! And thanks for all the support you’ve given during the creation. It would not be where it is now without that!

Photox, thanks mate! Yes render times have been extreme. And they have been the reason why I didn’t rerender parts of it for the third time. The movie has 1424 frames and each of them took between 3 and 4 minutes to render. When the robot isn’t in sight the renders were faster, but the transparent hull is time consuming. That makes a total of 84 hours for one pass through all the frames. All was rendered on a Nvidia 970 GTX with 4GB of RAM and the frames used roughly 3.6 GB of RAM on the card.

I’m glad to see you’ve completed this project, minoribus! Realistic character animations are incredibly difficult to take on, but I feel you did very well. The pacing and imagery of the piece, as well as the music, comes together to create an emotional response that makes it worth all those long hours. I would say you and your computer should take a well deserved break (at least for a couple of days)!

Something seems very CGI about the camera movements… too jittery, perhaps. Tweaking the curves in the graph editor would be a good start, if you’re planning on doing any animation projects in the future, which I would be glad to see. Also, is the face based off of a specific actress?

A long road done.

Great job. Even if the animation could have been better, I must bow toward the amount of work you’ve put in this one.

Thank you for your feedback on the artistic side James, I’m glad that you like it. Good to hear that I met my goals in your eyes :slight_smile:

Thank you, Lusterflask. I guess you mean the first part when she walks through the field, when you talk about a jittery camera? Yes that’s true and it was something that I did intentionally. I wanted to give the impression that the camera is “walking” behind her, hence I added some up and down movement. Nobody noticed it until now :slight_smile: Whether the camera should be less or more shaky is always a discussion and I feel it is more a matter of taste. For the face I took images of Bar Refaeli as reference. But it wasn’t meant to be a likeness study.

Thank you very much, pieriko. If your time allows I would be really interested in your thoughts about how to enhance the animation. But I know you are a very busy man :slight_smile: