Fathers Day Breakfast

My first crack at any food. Of course, i followed AP’s tut on the bread.

The texturing on the bread on the right plate looks flat. The bacon looks too thin too, and the eggs look like concrete. Other than that it’s a good scene.

For a first try at food, this came out really good… a couple of little things that seem a off to me is strangely enough the pepper, and only because I love bacon so much I would say that could maybe use a little more “greasyness”

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. Being a dad myself, I can only hope for a nice breakfast like that, this morning on Fathers Day…

Thanks guys. I would imagine that if I had spent more time on this it would have been much better. Food is interesting for sure…

Good job, but the bread on the right is not looking really good. The butter is better than AP’s butter! :slight_smile:

I agree! Your butter looks better.
The rest is not as good though. As said before, the bread doesn`t look good and the camera is positioned a bit weird.