Fatman copy

This guy is a copy of the guy from this thread.
It’s one of my first serious trys at uv mapping.
Please, don’t mind the black stripe on the side. I forgot to
crop it off.


Are you planning on going further with this model (like a full copy), or are you stopping at the head? I hope you keep pushing on this one… maybe make it grow into something that’s more than a test copy. He has a lot of potential, but I’d like to see you add your own personality to him.

That said, the skin texture looks pretty good, but you may want to pronounce his stubble a bit more. I get the impression that someone with skin that loose on his face might have some trouble shaving. Maybe some nicks or scars would help. I really do like his bottom eyelid.

Please, please, please keep adding to this. It would be a shame for you to just leave it at this.

looking good,
the front of the ear where it joins the face needs work, too square/raised
the corner of the mouth cuts too deep/low, compare to the ref, which is higher/rounder.
the texture is good but you can see where you have left just the base colour, ie on the cheek… blend it in more.

you are almost there, you know what you are doing but are just taking a rest before completing it right :slight_smile:
A bit of positive feedback and recharge your batteries then focus your energy on finishing the details, it is worth especially if you do as Fweeb said, bring something of yourself into it, make it your own :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips guys.
fweeb: about adding and making the rest with
my own ideas, i’ll think about it.
and i’ll try adding scars and stuff.

Zenitor: I’m not sure what you mean by sqaure and raised.
and i’ll work on that mouth.

thanks for the tips guys! :slight_smile:
and I hope to post a front view soon.