hey guys!

after a small blenderbreak,… now i started blender and done this ugly thing. hope you like.


my girlfriend call him fattison,… so his name is fattison :wink:

wfg 8)

Very nice :smiley: I like your style. The model is good and the lighting is awesome. The only prob’ is that it looks like there is some stretching on his neck/chin.

Well done.

Cool :slight_smile:
As already said, good modeling and super lighting!

wow! that is freaking awsome! the texture on his head is great, and the color scheme is excellent. but PLEASE put a bump map on his tongue and add something too him below his chin… this is really well done, great work.

oh a new very original thing! i love the blender scene!!!

very original … idea looks freshy … and post it … right … on CGTalk

that looks very great, man. i like the colors and background. looks very balanced to me. really good image!!

thx guys for the nice comments!!! :smiley:

in know, the texture is a bit blurry on the down part. but this was just a small “trainproject” and i dont want to do something more on it… is started some other new projects :wink:

wfg 8)

i like it. very nice. what gave you the inspiration for it?

thats great original stuff dude. cheers !
only crit is, that the upper half (above neck) is modelled with great detail, but the lower part seems left out in a hurry. I think you should complete it and then it will be a nicer pic.

Aw, hes adorable. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats pretty funny! :smiley:

hey, some more nice feedback :slight_smile: thx!

@ garphik: i know, i know,… :wink:

@ heartbreaker: a sketch in my schoolpapers :smiley:

wfg 8)