Faucet model - solids vs mesh

Hi there,

Wondering if anybody has any other alternatives to the way I’m approaching this.

Here I’m modeling an “anti siphon”, or frost proof outdoor faucet. This would be for an animation to show the pieces assembling (not pictured). It’s not intended to be photo-realistic. But let’s assume that it’s going to be anyway.

The challenge I’m having is with the angled spout on the underside. I simply boolean’d two cylinders. It produced n-gons, and what I did was make additional edges to connect everything, making quads. The model is on the left side of the image.

I also decided to model it in a CAD program (Fusion 360), using fillets to transition between forms. This version is on the right side. The method produced a smoother model of course, but after converting a b-rep to a mesh, the topology is horrible(ish). The shading does seem to be better though.

That all said - I’m wondering if there’s another approach I should look at to compare? Thanks! :slight_smile: