Faulty initiation 0xc0150002

Searched this site 4 times with no info found!

Looking to fix this error…Faulty initiation 0xc0150002.

XP Pro sp2.

Getting this on DingTo’s latest build: 2.5 SVN 23406

Actually try to help somebody else with this error.

Have you tried previous versions of 2.5, did they work? If so, with the previous versions did you make a custom default blend file (b25.blend) if so you may need to delete it.

No…this would be a fresh install.

Ok…lets try it this way.
Is there a site with listed error codes to understand what Blender is having trouble with?

0xc0150002 is not an error code, its a memory address and would probably be different on a different machine.

Um I could be wrong but do you have the
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86)