Favicon problems

I’ve been having problems with making an icon for my site - it seems to be the right size and colours, but when I upload it it appears as a pixelly mess:(
Anything I’m doing wrong?
The icon:

My website, with the mucked up icon.

The icon looks fine. Maybe you’re struggling with colours? Make sure you make the right colour table. Size should be 16 x 16 pixels.
Maybe post your icon here, like in jpg format, and we’ll be able to see the problem better.

Okay, give me a second and I’ll convert it to JPEG:yes:
waits for GIMP to load
EDIT: Here it is as a JPEG:
It’s 16*16 pixels, and uses an 8 colour palette.
EDIT AGAIN: Oh right, did you think I meant the icon wasn’t displaying properly at all? Sorry, I wasn’t being clear enough:o. The problem isn’t than the .ico doesn’t display properly (the one I posted before is what it’s supposed to look like), but when I upload it to the website it gets completely mucked up - if you click the link you’ll see what I mean.

It looks exactly like your jpg on my pc, IE7.

It looks exactly like your jpg on my pc, IE7.

You mean the one on my website or on this page? It’s the website that’s the problem. I’m using IE7 as well, and it looks completely mucked up when it’s shown as the site’s icon:

…but when I view it normally, like on this page, it’s fine. It seems like IE’s tried to merge it all together or something:confused:

EDIT: Wait, I’ve found something. It seems to have greyish areas that should be white, and I think they’re being displayed as black because icons can only have 8 colours. I’ll just check to see if erasing them will work just now…

It looks fine for me, too (Firefox 2.0). Maybe you can post a screenshot of what you see?

I see what you mean now. Its simple, just make the white transparent.