Favorite animated shorts?

Hey, just for fun, I thought it would be great if we could share some of our favorite animated shorts visible on the web.

Here are a few of mine:
Say Cheese - A fun (and funny) take on an old theme. We should make a tutorial on how to create eyes like that rat has, I really like them. :slight_smile:
Work in Progress - Well, Industrial Light and Magic is a company with a lot of talent in it. And a lot of employees. Good example of their work, and great methaphor of the creative process.
Where is Frank? - fun, beautiful… textures painted in india ink! o_o
Slikdigit’s Chicken Chair animation - undoubtedly one of the best examples of blender’s power yet… it took me a few times to realize the 1984 connection.
Duck and Cover - possibly the most fun educational film ever, regardless of its disputed “propaganda” elements.
The Killer Bean 2 - Or… 2.1, which looks better in most ways (though I liked the old barrels better, color wise), but also comes with a bit of an advertisement attached to it.

That’s it for now, though I have more. Most of these, as you see, are from the Internet Archive site… but they really do have a lot of fun animations there.

Now, it’s time for you to add some of your favorites :wink:

You already name some of my favs like “Killer Bean 2” and “Say Cheese”
Some of these others I will have to check out.

the Chihuahuaraffe rules!
[work in progress]

so, yeah… I don’t have any shorts to suggest other than that, but I don’t consider that one all that exciting

Killerbean rocks, I planned to do a Killerbean looking like anim in Blender before I Die. I have too, its soooo cool to make my own one. :smiley:

“cavanimox” amazing …

“The Cathedral” was really visually impressive and “Polygon Family Volume II” (not sure about name) was really funny. I saw those on a siggraph dvd a while back. I’d buy those dvd’s if they weren’t so expensive. I’ll add some more when I get home.

for the birds!

The best graqhics in the list: World of Warcraft
The most humorous: Killer bean 2.1