Favorite Cereal

I am eating Cereal right now thats why i wanted to post this…

If you have more then one…list them all!!!

Mine are
Honey Bunches Of Oats
Caco Pebbles
Just Bunches
Capton Crunch WITH BERRYS
Golden Crisps
and REESES(named after me jk but thats my name =P)

now its your turn

Captain Crunch FTW!

I like Cornflakes and Soya milk. It’s been a while since I could afford it last.

I’m not real fond of cereal, but I like these two: Rice Krispies and Reeses. Hey, I like your cereal lil g.

I eat the ones on sale at the store.
all the cereals got really expensive… unless you want to eat pure chemical produced stuff known to have similarities to food or gentetically enhanced super breakfast. :wink:

haha!!! REESES RULE!!! =P

and yyess CAPPIN CRUCH FTW!!


yeah cereal does get pretty expensive …and KB that sucks =(

Oh darn, I forgot Capt Crunch, the peanut butter one btw. Yes I’m an peanut butter nut.

The CAPPIN CRUNCH PP is ok…i still think REESE’s are better =P

You’re right 1000% (no that is not a typo)

I don’t eat too much cereal. I think my favorites are cocoa puffs, reeses, and lucky charms.

Reese’s is really getting some love!! Keep the Reese’s love coming!!

i forgot about Lucky Charms!!!

Lol, the fake stale marshmallows, yum!

Damn Straight!!!

I get sick of cereal fast, but:

honey bunches of oats
corn pops
fruit loops
ummmmm…pretty much all of 'em

Fruit Loops make me puke…i dont know why…

i guess REESES JUST RULE!!! lol

Vector is good, and so are cheerios (plain ol’ original) with a tad of honey to make them less original. But I’m not picky; I have 6 kinds of cereal at the moment, and usually mix them according to what I feel like :wink:

Cheerios are the bomb…well not plane cheerios.Honey ones are the best!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the bomb too!!!

My favorite cereal of all time is Count Chocula. However, since it is chocolate coated cereal with chocolate marshmallows, I think it has negative Nutritional value. LOL

lol eating is for squares! i havent eaten breakfast in soo long =] but yea count chocula does sound kinda good