favorite food

I know this may be dumb. But heck why not?



Meats. Best I’ve ever had was quail probably.

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That BBQ pork stuff you get in the little containers

The pesto at Caffe Sport in San Francisco.


(not the McDonalds version)

Home-made lasagne, but you could also wake me up for self-sliced fries and some beef.

Scrod Jason. It was a house dish at a resaurant called “Johnny Leverock’s” in Tampa, which is now out of business. The original owner died and his retarded son sold it to some comercial clowns who tried to turn it into a franchise and ended up killing it by building like 5 of them in the same city. All of them ended up going under.

Scrod is a type of fish, in case you were wondering.

Runner up would probably be my own salsa concoction that is basically any other normal salsa, but with spanish olives, garlic and a bit of lemon. It’s bad-ass. I should sell it.

chicken and chocolate chip cookies.
very basic, I know, but I never get tired of them.

Self-sliced fries !?!?!?:confused:

This I gotta see,could you make a video of these fries self-slicing themselves up ? :spin:

Potatoes are so emo.

To be specific mac and chess pizza:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

Combined with the other one about weight, this topic is going to be gold :yes:

Squiggly_P’s salsa sounds YUMMY!

Care to share the recipe?

God damn, someone ate all of our potatoes. Fries sounded good

Beef and pasta with lots (LOTS!) of butter (some steamed vegetables don’t bother me either) and fresh bread.

Uhm… depends how I’m feeling. Right now ham, mustard and salt and vinegar crisps(american = chips) sandwiches.

Mostly though, my girlfriend’s roasted greek salad (red onions, black olives, feta cheese and other nice veg roasted in an olive oil and herb marinade).

Yum yum. Delicious.

^ those actually taste really good fried.

They can also be added to soup instead of meatballs.