Favorite movie.tv series

Well I know its kinda cheesy but whats everyones favorite cg movie/tv show. Mine would be either shrek or monsters inc. and tripping the rift (love that show)

Has to be futurama :smiley:

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (I wonder how many people will say the same. Amazing damn movie.)

Favorite TV Series: Family Guy (got cancelled, but I heard they’re making a 4th season sometime next year). While watching this show, I piss myself. Not only because I have a weak bladder ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but because the show is freakin’ downright hilarious. I own the 3rd season on DVD.

Futurama is awesome too. The Simpsons is classic; it’s impossible to not like that show.

I didn’t know family guy was CG :-?

Dammit, why doesn’t it say that in the title? I didn’t read his actual post.

Oh well. LOTR has a lot of CG.

That show is so hilarious. I LOVE the old guy who keeps for some “good news”. I want to find an audio clip of him.

Favorite CG Serie: Earth Final Conflic (no longer aired)
Favorite CG Movie: Fina Fantasy (yeah!! bring on the flame trower!)

fav CG series: too many to name
fav CG movie: Final fantasy!!!


CG series: either starship troopers or heavy gear

CG movie: ice age :smiley:

i hated ice age…
bad cg, bad acting, bad story.
it’s like 3 men and a baby + jungle book - any charm whatsoever

cow and chicken

South Park. The cg in there isn’t that obvious, which is nice

nah i thought it was great, the story was slightly weak, and the characters were fantastic.

funnily enough, monsters inc has EXACTLY the same storyline, right down to the big hairy guy, comic relief dude and the bad guy and baby. i think they pulled off the story a bit better though, but i prefer the style and characters of ice age.

TV series: Firefly. Especially all the extra work they put in to make the CGI footage look like shaky, off-and-on-focus handheld camera footage.

Close behind is Farscape and Babylon 5.

it has CGI in it?

LOL You should be asking ¨it has real footage in it?¨ because about 85% of all that you see on Firefly is CG.

By the way, FireFly is still airing? I thought that it was cut-off after the first season.

  1. original “Star Trek” series during the 1970’s
  2. “Space 1999” series during the 1970’s
  3. “Babylon 5” series duing the 1990’s (though show here after 2000 - Sweden)

<sigh> It didn’t even make it through 1 season, and most of the episodes that Fox showed were aired out of order.

I got the DVD box set about a month back, which shows all the episodes in the correct order, and even about 3 or 4 episodes that were never aired on TV. Great stuff.

There is also talk of Joss Whedon making a feature film of Firefly, but so far it has only been talk… nothing tangible.

I hope that it does make it to the big screen, but to quote a character from the show: “If wishes were horses, we would all be eating steak.” :smiley:


oh, and yes they are making 4th season. this november tis what i heard, but i know a bunch of liars

Since it doesn’t specify CGI TV series:

Favorite TV series of all time, and no, this isn’t a joke: Tail Spin. I don’t get the Disney channel, so whenever it is on at a friends house, I will litteraly tell them we have to stop and watch Tail Spin. Of course they look at me like I’m crazy, but I don’t care.

I loved the stories, I love planes, I loved Don Carnage. That’s probably the main reason I like it so much. I loved planes when I was a kid, and still do, and that was all that cartoon was all about.

-everyone reading this post: “%|”

A good cgi tv series was beast wars

Best CGI in a movie, either lord of the rings, or the matrix, though LOTR obviously has the better story, I wish I could go back and see the first Matrix again for the first time, cause the first time I saw it, it knocked my socks off.