Favorite music

List your favorite music.
Three dog night: The Show Must Go On
Smash Mouth: All star
War: Low Rider
Three Dog night: One, Jeremya, and Never been to spain

wow, even i find this thread pointless! but i guess i can play along…

all that remains: six
POD: sounds like war
in flames: december flower and take this life
breaking point: phoenix
incubus: light grenades
stone sour: made of scars
the unseen: paint it black
still remains: to live and die by fire
the bled: sound of sulfur
hampton the hampster: hampster dance song (just kidding)

^ Yes, Six is a great song. Too bad it’s a bitch to play on guitar hero. Took me a long time to 5 star it.

But my favorite band is this one:

Some of my favorite songs of theirs:

I like Led Zep - pity I can’t go to their concert (hard to get tickets)

i dance to emo music in nothing but my boxers, combat boots, and a french beaver hat!

Remember your weapon must always be at arms reach! 30 press-ups if you fail on that!

Rise Against: every song
Rush: every song
Rap sucks (in my opinion)

whats a press up? is it like a push up?

KoRn is my favorite band, but i like Chevelle almost as much, here are sum other bands i like:
-Sum 41
-The Used
-Black Sabbath
-Guns and Roses
-Lynard Skynard
-Rage against the machine
theres more, i can’t think right now…

My all time favorite:

Allessandro Saffina - Luna
DJ Quicksilver - Ameno
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to death
DJ Korsakoff (hot b*tch)- My Empty Bottle
Bob Marley - No Women No Cry
Coldplay (any number)

Yeah thats 'bout it.

I’m into Led Zep & Metalica mostly!

Ministry - “Lava”
Pink Floyd - “Careful with that Axe, Eugene”
Primus - “Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers”
Skinny Puppy - “Nature’s Revenge”
Alice in Chains - “Would?”
Fear Factory - “Martyr”

Yeah, it’s mostly on the heavy side…

old metalica

Four words:

System Of A Down

one word


Funker Vogt
Skinny puppy
Dead kennidys
Dead Milkmen
Sex pistols
THe Cramps
Meat Puppets
And Southern gospel music (great during sex)

U sir. are the man

You listen to Gospel Music while you… That’s just weird.

Mmph!: Check out “Numb” (Kinda KMFDM feel)
hessiess: Check out “Volbeat” (not really like old metallica, but a fun play on their sound)
Turin Turambar: Check out “3” aka “three
NJROTC: Check out “Rapture” and possibly “Insomnium” (too hard maybe?)
johnyman: Surely you’ve seen >THIS<. You might dig “Juicifer” as well.
CJ Maynard: I think i’d have to think for a while for you. You might dig any of this stuff, really… all over the place…
valarking: This is right up your alley - >LINK< (actually, you didn’t say what you like so i have no idea. Never heard “all that remains”)

I don’t like to choose favorites, but i love to get people to listen to stuff they’ve never listened to before.