Favorite Next Gen Games?

Any favorite games from the next gen consolses, Wii/PS3/XBOX 360?

sadly, i have none of the new systems yet (fingers crossed for the PS3 someday though), but I imagine any final fantasy games produced for PS3 would touch my heart… assuming of course they make them… Also, I can’t wait for halo 3.

x2 Same here

Looking forward to FFXIII, Devil May Cry 4, GTA IV and hopefully a new hitman here.

apart from twilight princess for the wii, which is so awesome it hurts, it’s still really a gamecube game (like most wii titles right now) that barely pushes the system.

so I’ve gotta say wii Trauma center: second opinion is really really good. oddly addictive. I am a bit worried by how much I enjoy cutting people actually.

honorable mentions go to wii Raving rabbids for the full body workout and wii Madden 07 for motion-controlled tackles. and the fact my girlfriend loves it

don’t own a console and not planning to, but … Gears of War!

Yeah, that game looks awesome.

I’m not so bothered about Gran Tourismo because although it looks nice, Burnout usually rivals its graphical quality while also being fun to play.

The Half-Life 2 trilogy should be good too.

Halo 3 trailer looks great but I haven’t seen any gameplay (did they rip-off the predator alien?). When I played halo, I thought it was a great game but Half-Life 2 blows it out the water with the exception of being able to use certain vehicles.

Games that use those dynamic atmosphere effects are high on the list like Alan Wake.

What concerns me is that both the PS3 and XBox360 will have exclusive games so I better choose carefully between them. So far the XBox360 has better exclusive games IMO and is a bit cheaper but the PS3 isn’t as expensive as I thought for the console and still lets me use all the old PS2 games.

As for the PS3 running Linux, the initial benchmarks show the performance to be very poor indeed. I wonder if the game quality on the PS3 will even match the 360. If it’s worse then the 360 it is. That should let me get Half-Life 2, Burnout and Alan Wake.

Sony have lost a lot of exclusive deals because they are taking so long to get the machines out. Final Fantasy and GTA aren’t PS3 exclusive any more. All they have are killzone 2, MGS4 and a handful more. MGS3 sucked, it takes so long to do anything because you have to crawl everywhere. I know it’s a stealth game but so is Splinter Cell and it’s way more fun.

Given the losses with the PSP, the delays in the hardware, the arrogant pricing, negative publicity, bad and late devkit, Microsoft backing HD-DVD, I could see this being the end for Sony.

I think it’s very likely. Actually, I have been saying that for quite some time now.

As, for my favorite next-gen game: I don’t have one, since I didn’t get the chance to play any yet. Although, looking at the upcoming games, I think I’m much better off if I quit “gaming” all together, instead of crossing over to a next gen system.

I mean really, theese games are getting so good, to the point of being hyper addictive.

Halo 2 already took a good part of my life after it’s initial release. Ohh, when I think of all the time I wasted on that game, it’s a very good reason not to buy anything game related (for me at least).