Favorite render engine - Poll

It’s a Poll day!

We all know that each render engine is best for certain renders. So, in the Poll select just your most favorite one and in the forum type something like this:

Indoor: INDIGO

Outdoor: YAF(A)RAY

Animation: BLENDER

It can only be open source, if you want to add commercial then do the same thing afterwards, only indicate “commercial:.”

Just in case I have searched the forum for a similar topic and did not find anything.

mine is blender :slight_smile: I love the particles, and cannot live without them :smiley:

Like blender internal. Tried yafray once and it just didn’t agree with me. Haven’t done any of the others, haven’t really felt a huge need to.

multiple options, plz! :wink:


Indigo is my favourite, but it isn’t open source. It’s free. Blender Internal is my second favourite. I just wish it has better (faster) AO and some built in caustics. :smiley:

Blender internal all the way!