Favorite TV Series/Most Hated TV Series

(CubeFan973) #1

What’s your favorite TV show? And while you’re at it, how about the worst ones?


  1. tie: “The Outer Limits (1963-1965)” “The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)” “Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969-1974).” I don’t really like TV shows with those restricting “plots.” “TZ” could deal with anything from guardian angels (although those episodes usually sucked–one of them is supposed to be a comedy, something TZ isn’t good at) to Satan to aliens to my favorite, time travel, and it’d stay in character. “TOL” was similar, except mostly they HAD to have a bunch of monsters on it due to ABC’s demands. (Episodes like “The Borderland” didn’t have any monsters, but those kinds of episodes are few and far between. BTW: Although “The Borderland” was made second on their schedule, because it had no monsters, it had to be postponed!) Oh, and “MPFC” is, in the word of one character who was in two episodes I’ve seen, “SILLY!” Oh, yeah, can’t wait for “TOL” movie (YAY! And yes, it’s of the old one–see below at “hated” for my opinion on the new, or nude, one), “TZ” film wasn’t so good (at least it improved “Kick The Can,” which was one piece of **** on the show), and the two MPFC films I’ve seen (“And Now For Something Completely Different,” which was their best sketches from their first and second seasons–the name comes from something they kept saying on the show-and “Monty Python And The Holy Grail,” which had them in medieval times, although there were some modern police) were rather funny!

  2. “The Tick” (2002). The network knew they had something good, so I think they put it against “Friends” (AAAHHH!) and it got killed.

  3. “Clerks: The Animated Series.” (2000, or 2001, around)I admit, I haven’t seen ANY of the J&SB films (“Clerks” is one of them), but the cartoon was hilarious. Unfortunately, due to the worst time slot ever (it had to compete agianst the original “Survivor”—AAAHHH!) and some REALLY bad advertising by ABC (one commercial was full of bad reviews–and I’m not joking, they really had people bashing on it, thought they didn’t say who or where they were from), it got killed after only two episodes! They were FUNNY–one had Jay suing the clerks for slipping in the Quick Stop (the fourth episode, which they aired first), and the other had them repeatedly getting locked in freezing places and flashing back to events in their life! (“Hey, you know what this reminds me of? The last time we got caught in a freezer, remember?” --Randall’s shirt now says “Down With Saddam Hussein”-- “Let’s make sure, whatever we do, this never happens again!” “Hey, you know what this reminds me of? The last time we got caught in a freezer, remember?” --now it says “Down With Paul Reiser”-- “Let’s make sure, whatever we do, this never happens again!” You kind of have to see it to understand–pure words don’t do it justice.)

  4. “Fawlty Towers.” No, that’s not a typo, that’s how it’s spelled! It was about a hotel owner (Basil Fawlty, hence the name) who wasn’t cut out for his job. He’s paranoid, snobby, and in the meantime, he’s absolutely hilarious! It had 12 episodes (it had 3 seasons-you do the math), and while not all of them were that funny, “The Germans” (where Basil gets a concussion and begins talking about World War 2 to some Germans–hilarious, even if you’re German) and “The Hotel Inspectors” (where he gets extremely paranoid when some hotel inspectors come in–or so he thinks) made up for all those!

  5. Well, I don’t know… “Fresh Prince,” “Seinfeld,” I don’t know, I don’t really watch that much TV.


The remakes of “The Outer Limits” (1995-2002, although I think I saw a commercial for it on a new TV channel–NNNNOOOOOO!) and “The Twilight Zone” (2002-present), and I have to tape the latter series for my brothers and some family friends! NNNNOOOOOO! They have absolutely NO clue of what the originals were–TZ didn’t have current fads (the first episode of the new one had a girl with piercings, tatoos, things normal girls these days get), and TOL had some extremely scary monsters (not the now-dated ones–the humans were much scarier if you think about it). All the new ones are about is adding a little color, some new CGI, and a whole lot of sex. Edit: Actually, the last episode (which involved a girl time-travelling to kill Hitler as a baby, and a phantom bus–every episode has two stories half an hour long each) wasn’t that bad. I mean, I couldn’t see the twist endings! Hopefully it will stay that way after the last two bad episodes!

Oh, and many modern sitcoms these days suck almost as badly. Name any one of them that’s still in production–“Friends,” “Scrubs,” basically anything–usually suck donkey balls.

(rwv01) #2


This list is incomplete and in no particular order.

The Simpsons



Night Court


the old Saterday Night live

Star Trek (each series has its good and bad points)

The Dukes of Hazzard (how many Dodge Chargers did they go though on that show?)


Jerry Sprinnger

Mad TV
I’ll say this for it.
It’s just like the magazine.

(Grizzly69) #3


Futurama!, Everybody Loves Raymond, Cheers, X-files (older ones)

Most hated:

Barney!, A-team, Dallas, Knotts Landing.

(IMProvisar) #4

The number 156 comes to mind… may not be right, but I did see it on a special a few months back. I’m thinking it was on the A&E TVography… they did some “Biography” shows on TV Shows rather than individual people, and I’m pretty sure the Dukes was one.

The best are categorized, and in no particular order…

Drama and Mystery -
Law and Order (the original)
CSI (the original… no opinion on CSI:Miami yet)
West Wing (hate the politics, but awesome cast and dialogs)
Magnum, P.I.

SitCom -
News Radio

Action -
Alias (chick double agent… how can you beat that?)

SciFi/Fantasy -
Quantum Leap
All Star Trek
Smallville (Haven’t become a regular viewer yet, but I really like it)

Other -
Beyond 2000 (obviously no longer broadcast, as we are all now beyond 2000, hehe)
Junkyard Wars
That cool show about making wierd vehicles hosted by Jesse James (like the one where they turned a VW Beetle into a driveable amphibious swamp boat, lol)
Anything on the Discovery Channel or in that group of channels with computers, planes, big machines, welding, brain or longevity science, or astronomy, in that order.
Any of the shows with bots… despite that one is hosted by Dwezil Zappa.
The Hawaiian Moving Company (local show, pretty cool. It spotlights cool, wierd, or otherwise interesting things going on in Hawaii. Some topics have included the 4-year old yo-yo champ, a SCUBA diving dog, a dog that warns his owner of impending seisures (of the human, not the dog), the Circ Du Solei (sp?) “O” show and the Hawaiians in the show, etc…)

Worst (from worst to almost as bad)
Anything with Phil Donahue
Anything with Geraldo Rivera
Anything with Dan Rather
Anything with anyone made famous by the O.J. Simpson trial
Anything on CNN
Jerry Springer
Other Talk shows of the Springer genre
Any game show where the goal is to find a date or spouse.
Strip Poker (On USA, aka “The Tease Channel”)

Hrm… far from complete, but a decent list.


(CubeFan973) #5

I occassionally watch David Letterman. I was watching it every night (well, up to the Top 10 lists), but now school makes it almost impossible.

Last night, they had this “mailbag” from real viewers. One had the question of which show Dave thought was going to be cancelled first this year. He started talking about that new CSI: Miami, and said that they’ve done another similar thing with another one of their TV shows, and he doesn’t think it’ll work. Do remember: they’re joking whenever they do this.

He showed a preview of…

“60 Minutes: Miami!” It had the old guys from “60 Minutes” wearing stuff you’d see in Miami!

Another time, he was asked if there were any good films he’d seen recently. He said that he recently saw “Stuart Little 2,” and mentioned that he liked the new, dark twist the film took. In the clip, Stuart’s family was like, “STUART! STUART! STUART!” in an alarmed voice.
We see an old stock footage clip of some birds eating a mouse! Then the “credits” roll!

(CubeFan973) #6


Freakazoid is the funniest cartoon! Not made for kids, though it was on Kids WB. (It is appropriate for kids, but…) Too many weird jokes many kids won’t get.

For example, not every kid knows who Jack Valenti is! In one episode, he explained the MPAA rating system. Even those weird examples such as a kangaroo can only see G-rated films! He said a dog can see NC-17 films, “because he’s only a dumb dog!”

Also, they once had Freakazoid (a superhero who drives his enemies insane by being weird with his humor) imitating that Emergency Broadcast System. you know, hmmmmmmmmmm… well, anyway, he was imitating it, and got more purple in his blue skin! Eventually he said that it was only a test, and if there really was an emergency, they’d be like, “OH, PLEASE HELP US! THERE’S BEEN AN EMERGENCY!”

(valarking) #7

I remember that. That was pretty damn stupid. Shows like that are the reason I never even glance at (god forbid) WB, Nick, etc.
Kids WB is CRAAP. An average show there lasts about 3 episode before the channel cycles in some crap that’s exactly the same except for the title.

(CubeFan973) #8

No. Freakazoid was funny as heck. You probably aren’t who it was made for.

(valarking) #9

And what are you implying sir?

(CubeFan973) #10

Many of the jokes were more aimed at the trivia geeks. Like me.

It was on the wrong channel. I don’t where else it could have gone, but come on, not many kids know about the double-meaning in “French Lessons: Frenching With Freakazoid,” or who Jack Valenti is, or what’s with the thing about spotting which shots in “Congo” had a real monkey or a man in a suit, or… (goes on forever)

(PcP.Blend) #11

Northern Exposure :o :frowning: :smiley:

     The Simpsons


    I dont remember worst tv-shows names

(Bapsis) #12

Star Trek rulez!!!

Wont say what i think the worst are, because everyonez tastes are different and those shows are made for someone who appreciates them. After all, its just my little old oppinion. But again… Star Trek rulez!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Alltaken) #13

best in no particular order
star trek (voyager mainly but next gen is ok)

star gate sg-1

malcom in the middle

the ozzbourns
junk yard wars (AKA= scrap heap challenge)

Worst in no particular order


battle bots (robot wars is so much better)

Call for help (off tech tv)


info mercials have to be the worst and at the bottom of the heap in crapness