Is it possible for me to give you an image and you turning it into 3D?If you can please tell me because i really want this picture in 3D

Please post the image. I’m sure someone will give it a shot. I might, actually.

This Is it.Now idont know if its posible because of it being thick and only one side but i only had time for 1 side.If you you need 2 sides…ow well…At least itll be a challenge for a pro.Or you can atleast try to make it from scratch and try to make one that resembles it.Whatever you want i dont mind.I will be very happy and excited if anyone can do this for me

…or you could learn blender…

That would just be simple modeling and some softbodies.

lol.yeah but i cant finda good tautorial that teaches you how to model a object in a picture.you know.i got a object in a picture and that object i want to transform into 3D.I tryed wiki how to do it with a dog but it was rubbish.can you tell me another link please?

you’re going to just have to use the picture as a reference and imagine mentally how it looks in 3d and model it. When people use pictures to model off the pictures, they do a front and side view so all the information is apparent, but a sketch like this is not a problem, you just have to imagine the front and side view as you model, then check it as you go to see if its taking the same shape. Pictures don’t just turn to 3d, that would be no fun. We get to model them point by point!

you got a point there.Ow well ill guess i have to put all of my time into this and make it the best 3D thingy eva and get replys that say that its the best!Or i could just dump the whole thing and sit back and watch T.V…Hmmmmmm…I guess i have to go with the first one.Yay