Favourite action/adventure games


Lately, I’ve been looking for some good games, action/adventure stuff, but after finishing assassin’s creed, the nomad soul and fahrenheit(indigo prophecy), I’ve been looking for something new and better, I mean:

Assassin’s creed, great graphics, pretty good story, but it’s too much og the same thing over and over again, it needed more variation.

Nomad soul, in my opinion still one of the best action/adventures out there, but the graphics are seriously outdated(what would you expect from a game released almost 10 years ago). Aside the fact that I’ve been waiting for a follow-up for 5 to 6 years, but one of the projects (nomad soul exodus) was cancelled in 2006 and the other project (nomad soul karma) was due 2009 but will probably be even later because of something called heavy rain, which I don’t care much for.

Now there’s another quantic dream game… Fahrenheit, after geting used to the controls, it really is a great game, except I really miss the freedom I had in The Nomad Soul, in which you can enter almost every building, and alas, I believe it was made with the same engine as the nomad soul so, graphics are still… a little disappointing.

All great games in my opinion, but they all just miss one or two tiny things. Now here’s my question to you: In the action-adventure genre, what are your favourite games, why is it that you like it so much and what do you think is missing?


Morrowind. I love the freedom that the game offers, the huge map and the fact that there’s an assload of caves, cities and tombs to be discovered. For some reason I still find this game to be the most immersive I’ve ever played. Stalker came close (especially with the Oblivion Lost mod) but no other game has kept me as fascinated as Morrowind. In fact, I’ve been playing it again over the last two months and have found that it’s truly awesome. I do think that I’ve pretty much seen everything the game had to offer which sort of kills it but I still like it. So it’s time to find some cool mods. Which is another great thing about the game, it is designed to be modded so there are thousands of mods out there. Most of them suck but there are some mods that just blend in so well with the game and really improve it.

What I dislike most about Morrowind probably is the combat system, it’s just too easy after a while as you just click your mouse to attack and a dice system does the maths on wether you hit or miss and how much damage you do.

Oblivion is good too. Not just cause of the awesome graphics, though.
Basically what Sandrew said about Morrowind, there is and assload of caves, cities, tombs, and quests. The main quest takes a long time, too. And when you finish that, there is still a lot more to do.

Did you get Nomad Soul to run correctly on XP?! If so how, and where can I still get it? I miss that game. haha

C’mon, the first and best free-roeam was the GTA-series… though I don’t think GTA 4 was really very cool.

It was San Andreas that was best.

I don’t really know how I did it, I just did, put in cd 1, install, put in cd’s 2 and 3, finish install, insert cd 2 and play… just like on windows ME or 98. It works like a charm… well except for the fact that I lost cd 2 so I have to download it again :P.

Would’nt it just be great if some company would create some world in which you’d be completely free to do anything, by that I mean, eat, sleep, take a dump, go to work, screw up your work, kill your boss, climb a building, kill some creatures(whatever kind), do the groceries, don’t care… just some sort of… a real world … but in which you really CAN do everything.


Wow, that took you some time to think of. Just kiddin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been thinking of that since the day I installed “DAVE” on my pc.

Can’t go wrong with pac-man or the falling brick game.

Oblivion, Bio-shock, half life 2 and episodes, medieval 2 total war…

All of these games are highly recommended.

If you want action, go for bio-shock. Crazy game.

Yeah I have morrowind GOTYE … just not really my thing, played it for about a year but…i don’t seem to be the real stat-building rpg type… great game but just… not for me :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to play games to escape this reality, and to play in a similar one in which actions have consequenses, ofcource, in oblivion and morrowind both, you encounter the actions->consequenses ectremely well, however: killing a werewolf, vampire, elf or lizardthing… doesn’t quite make me feel satisfied. Sounds weird, yes, but I find this life boring, and yet endlesly interesting at the same time. I mean, I keep wondering why people do what they do and the paths they take to achieve things, just to lead boring lives in which at the end, let’s be honest, they have completed their cycle and the same happens to their offspring, and the generation after that… And because I find it boring and interesting at the same time, I play games, which sort of resemble this world, this life if you will, and yet is completely different and less boring, but keeps being interesting. this for me leads to the reason why I do not like FPS’s for example, I do not like shooting without being able to really have an interactive “conversation” with a gamecharacter. I’m not really the RPG type, because, overlooking the immense freedom, I’m simply not able to put myself in a character in a, mostly, medieval world. Anyway, before I lose the storyline: why do you play games? and why do you play the kind of games that you do?



Yeah! We found it!!

The question to life, the universe and everything!! => Why do you play games? And why do you play the kind of games that you do?

Oh wait, maybe that’s 2 questions.

I mostly enjoy interacting with the environments, and doing things I can’t do in real life (like killing someone with a toilet…). Do I really want to kill someone with a toilet? No, and yet…

The more physics and open ended the better. I don’t like games that run you down a very specific path. Lots of choices and character building. I’d like to see a WW2 era oblivion style game, in which you form little raiding parties and sabotage enemy assets, or join big battles. All open ended, with a huge map.

So for you it’s a prerequisite to have an open ending and seemingly endless freedom right? I know what you mean, so… have you found your “perfect game” or just great games which still lack some features in your opinion which makes it,… well, not perfect?


Oblivion is getting close for me. In 10 years you’ll be able to do a lot more. I’d like the world to be as convincing as possible. I’d like to be able to design a house in a game, and pay a builder to build it. I’d like to design a castle with an in game architect an defend it against attacks etc. I’m a medieval dork, as you can see by my name…

At any rate, a super realistic world. Characters you can actually talk to using words (speach recognition). I’d like to walk into a bar and pick a fight…etc…several years away I know.

Nah, maybe less, I think quantic dream is well on the way with Heavy rain, though the fact that they will make it so realistic, they will only be able to let the story have a timespan of about twelve hours of gameplay.

although it’s not an adveture or action game, pro evo can’t be beaten for pure fun. any multiplayer game over the internet i suppose…diablo 2 anyone?? tbh i have neither the time nor the inclination to play pc games any more…too much coding, blendering, ae-ing and maya-ing to do for me.

Quoted for agreement.

I would love to play a game like that. And perhaps you could choose the ‘age’. You know, it could be ‘Medieval’, "Imperial’, and ‘Futuristic’. That would be awesome.

I remember Postal 2. That game was cool. If only one could use vehicles…

Have you guys ever played the Jak and Dexter Series for PS2? 1 was good, 2 was great, 3 was amazing! Because the 3 games are 1 giant continuous story, I would say it is the best 60 hour game I have every played. Personally I like it better than any of the zelda games. I would recommend that game to anyone!

Never heard of it. But I don’t have a play station either…

I’ve never heard of it either, but I have a PS2.

PS: When I went to the official site, it looked like Ratchet And Clank. But I don’t know if that’s true…