favourite videos and sites .


after seeing that video which is very touchy of a bird trying to fly , it will be a good idea for everyone to post his favourite video or site

~ please don’t post crap , only really good things , things such as the best 3d work that you have ever scene etc … , or good sites that are really benifting , etc …


EDIT :: there’s a deep meaning in that video , not mentioning it here , will leave it to you …

Forum search : kiwi.

Do you really need to post so much crap?

Forum search : kiwi.

i didn’t know that ! , today is the first time i ever saw it .

Do you really need to post so much crap?

sorry , but i meant with crap , some members these days are trying ruin threads …
i don’t mean all of them , just some of them , i hope you don’t understand me wrong .

No, im refering to this.

When’s the “your fav. song” thread going to be made?

sorry , i didn’t realize that , maybe i will stop making this kind of thread
“post your favourite X” , where X is anything random .

thanks for your notice