FBX Batch Export in Blender 2.8

I will add custom export command line to the next version, so one can override the add-ons predesigned optimized settings. It will be tedious to create massive options panels for each format to be honest.

I designed it to be part of movie type of production where iterative exports are a thing, when the individual assets are exported for different applications. So you set things once, and keep iterating and exporting without setting things up again and again.

At the moment it supports batch exports at the scene level, however no grouping or Unreal presets are supported as you stated, since it was never my intention. It is something I can look into it if there is enough interest for it. I have past gaming production experience, I understand the situation, just that I need to see what the interest level is since developing features takes time really.

Lots of people actually using Blender for game development (guess even more than for movies), so if you’re planning to increase your sales, it’s a good idea to add presets at least for Unity/UE4.

I mean, I threw it together for you in a few minutes out of my own time in case it helped get you started. And I flagged that you’d probably want to update it to support more specific fbx settings for your needs.

Certainly if you’re looking for a robust fully-featured solution it’s going to require some substantial effort on someone’s part. Or actually not that much if you fiddle with the code and customize it a bit for your specific needs.

I have my own script that does exactly that with my customized presets for unity and unreal and automation of placing various assets in the right folders for our project.

I’m always happy to knowledge share but when you respond to free offerings with “this isn’t enough” it kinda dissuades people from wanting to help further.

I need to know what those “presets” are. I have not delved with UE4 and it has been quite sometime since I touch Unity. My gaming work were mostly on custom engines and in those environments we had dedicated programmers for tools developments.

In any case it would be helpful to expand on those presets so I will see if it is something I want to implement. Other than that, like shteeve mentioned, you can probably hack his example to fit to your own needs. Obviously no ui or fancy in it. See the API doc for what options FBX take

I will continue using 2.79 for the environment until a proper solution will be created. If after 2.8 release there won’t be such a solution, I will try to update Capsule on my own.
Thanks for letting me know about your tool. Still hoping for a native solution for batch export.

Ok I will take a look at it.

Did you see this

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Actually that is my post - I can’t get this to work for me. Probably because i don’t really “get” what is some very basic Blender work/terms… (also the export part does not work for 2.8 yet…, this is why i try to do this without learning 2.79 , as 2.8 is rather different. )

Sure but it seems like it is more under development than the one OP mentioned.

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according to @helluvamesh the GAYZ tool will be ported to 2.8, when that is stable. As I did not really want to get that much into 2.79, it have been doing that tool in my “trail and error” style… and I think i found some bug - that was fixed. So the developer has been very very helpful… even though I have not be that clever. :wink:

Sorry if i’m not correct, but I’m pretty sure Takanu Kyriako is working on a new version of Capsule for 2.8+. I remember reading an email from him or from gumroad annoucing the development :slight_smile:


The latest email from Gumroad was more than a year ago about Capsule 1.10 Beta. Didn’t receive any other emails from Gumroad about this project and I see zero commits on GitHub repo for a year. Maybe I missed something and he’s really working on it somewhere else (then it’s good news).

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The best exporter (fastest, almost automatic, batch exporting with a single keystroke) is FBX Bundle for me. Unluckily - still no Blender 2.8 version…

I didn’t use it, but when I saw that you need to draw fences around the objects, I decided not to use it. Drawing fences mean that your objects need to be on the ground plane and be separated, but sometimes you need to put them in a proper place to easier add new objects and test modularity, like this:

Hello! You might be interested in my multi exporter. It supports version 2.8. Its purpose is to export a large number of meshes from one file to several formats. But export options are limited: only mesh. Multi Exporter


I didn’t draw any fences. I just used it to select meshes that I want to export and pressed “CTRL-E” and in a moment I had them all in a folder of my choosing. Very fast solution for working with Unity.

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I’ve just ported the renderhjs’ FBX Bundle addon to blender 2.8.

You can find it here.

It’s not super tested, so make sure you backup your work before using it!


Hey, thanks for doing this!

I gave it a go. Had a bit of trouble installing (just selecting the ZIP to install didn’t work. I had to extract the addon FBXBundleExporter folder from the ZIP and drop it directly into Blender’s ‘addons’ folder.

So far though basic functionality seems to work, including merging meshes (which was a big one for me.). Thanks again.

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That’s odd @Temmy. I just installed a fresh blender 2.8 on a new machine and it worked fine.

Could it be, you might have downloaded the entire code repository and not the “release” FBX_Bundle_1.5.1.zip file. If so that file would be called “blender-addon-fbx-bundle-master.zip”.

Could you have a quick look and check that for me?

Edit: in any case I will change my previous post link to the release page for easier download of the correct zip file.

Ahh, yup. Guess I downloaded the wrong thing!


This is very cool. Thank you!
Batch import and export seem to work fine.
FYI, there are about a dozen Warnings in the console:
Warning: class Settings contains a property which should be an annotation!

web search makes me think its a common thing in upgrading addons to 2.8.
Hopefully I can dig into this some and help.

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