FBX export- Baked child of constraint broken


First of …apologies for spamming the forums with questions over the last couple of days.:slight_smile:

Here is a description of the problem I am facing…

Working on an animation of a character throwing a ball.

The ball has an armature and that is attached to the character using a child of constraint.

I have baked the animation on the character armature as well as the ball armature.

So far so good …but when I export the animation using the FBX script.

The character exports fine but the ball jumps away from the characters hands and appears to have the animation but is far away from where it is supposed to be.

I have tried the various options in the fbx script and baking options to no avail.

Desperately need to get this done.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks muchly

Idk but I would try:

  1. make sure everything has scale of 1
  2. experiment with the parenting or rigs. Perhaps you have a nice rig setup in blender but unity does not understand it. Also unity has 2 some option for imports called “delete extra bones” which I would make sure is off.
  3. separate the character and ball into different blend files and do the parenting in unity