FBX export disappears

I tried the fbx export with a basic cube and it works well. So I started to model a little bit, saved my work and wanted to export again, but the export option was not anymore visible.
Does someone know why this happens? What did I do, that the exporting does not work anymore. If I open the same file in Blender 2.49b, the model can be exported.



Test01.blend (221 KB)

I opened the file and exported an FBX using the latest 2.5 official release. Perhaps a newer version broke the exporter in some way? I did not test the actual FBX file, only that it was generated via the menu.

Thanks for your reply. I am using the official beta release (2.53 beta). As I start to work, all the exporters are avaliable, but after some time the strange thing is that the only avaliable exporter is Collada. Just in case someone else has problems, I am going to explain it a little bit more in detail.
I am using Windows XP (32 bit). The issue happens with the zip installer and the exe installer. During the install with the exe file, I have to select “Use the installation directory”, as the standard selection will result in a crash, as blender is started (which was already reported).
I expect it to be an issue with the Windows XP version.
Thanks for testing the file.

Found the issue. One of the directories is using the letter ä. This produces the problem.