.FBX export hierarchies?

Does the new .FBX file exporter include “hierarchy” information? I’m trying to export a model that has two child objects. The objects are exported properly, but the hierarchies aren’t.


yes, the latest exporter can export object hierarchy’s as well as animation on each object - tested to work accurately in a few apps.
If its not then I think you could have an old version? - the one with 2.45 does this IIRC.

Thanks Cambo,

I’m running 2.45 for OS X (UB) with Python 2.35. I’ve got two objects that I’ve made children of a third object using “CTRL-P”, make parent, and I’ve confirmed the hierarchy in the “Outliner” window. But when I export the file to .FBX, the hierarchy is lost and my objects are all on the same level. The objects are not animated, I’m just trying to set up a hierarchy for use in my game engine (Unity).

I think I figured out what was going on. I was using 2.45 -and- had an old version of the .FBX export script in my scripts folder. When I removed the old script and tried it, it exported the hierarchy as it should.

I did run into another issue though. My “child” objects became distorted. Here’s what they look like in Blender:

And in the game engine:

Any idea what may be going on?

this is odd - there are some differences in now applications handle loc/size/rot - there is no correct way.

blender can not do a shear matrix and it looks like this might be whats happening.

Could you check your scene for negative/extreme scale values? where possible use a scale of 1,1,1

failing that you can upload the blend and I can do some testing.

The work around for now is to export the scene in 2 pieces, but it’s a klunky fix at best. I’d gladly email you the .blend, but since it contains some confidential material I can’t post it here. Drop me your email address to info (at) marinesimulation (dot) com and I’ll send it to you.