FBX export is buggy in 3.5

I’m only posting this as a warning to anyone else thinking about using 3.5 in an .FBX based production.

I decided to test the latest version (blender-3.5.1-candidate+v35.9cb6f9f6b384-windows.amd64-release) and I exported an asset into Unity. Some of the material mappings were completely broken.

I did a cursory troubleshoot of the problem without success and then switched back to the version of blender i was using (blender-3.4.1-stable+v34.ef9ca44dee7f-windows.amd64-release).

I tried to file a bug report, but was unable to provide a simple sample file to repro the problem, since the asset I was working with was quite large (~500k tris and ~20 materials) and there are NDA considerations. I did not observe the problem with smaller FBX exports.