FBX Export is Huge, just for this one model

I have a number of models I have exported to FBX. This one is a 2.5MB blend file, but it produces a 110MB FBX. I don’t think there is an animation, or if there is I can’t find it to delete it. I’m not an expert, so maybe a tip on that subject is what I’m missing.

The original file is from BlendSwap.

I have uploaded my modified version to http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=83575744628086046922 with some images. I love the model and would like to use it, but as it is it takes forever to export and forever to import into the game engine because of the size.

Your objects have very high subdivision levels with their subsurf modifiers so the poly count is equivalent to 6.5 M triangles !! Saving this as a blend file gives a size of 113 MB , even when compressed !

When you export to .fbx it exports at the subdivision level set for the render.
Either turn the levels down or in the .fbx exporter disable the option to apply modifiers

How did you get to that view? Mine shows 25k verts, 22k faces, and 50k tris. It also says 33 objects and 27MB.

The original with all it’s subserfs had 740k verts and 1.5m tris.

You’re showing 3.3m verts! You’re also in a purple view, or is that just a theme?

Exported as a .fbx file and then imported that .fbx back into blender. You see a lower poly number with the original blend file because the subsurf modifier for each object is not set to be active for the viewport, only for rendering, so also active during exporting

You will also see you have a much higher level of subdivision for the render than you have for the viewport so again the number of verts will be different

The pink view is the wireframe view but there are SOO many vertices you can’t pick out each individual ones

Oh, thank you. I thought deselecting the eye was disabling the modifier altogether. I didn’t realize it was just for the preview window.

That was exactly what I needed. Many thanks.

I removed the subsurfs and other unused modifiers and things worked as I expected.