FBX Export Issue

Hi guys, new to the forum but not to Blender. Been using it for several years as a 3d modeler working with a small indie team using Unity as the game engine. Upgraded Blender to 2.64 a few months back.

The issue: After creating/texturing the model(s) in Blender they are exported as FBX files for import into Unity. This has been going well, no issues until 3 days ago. All previous models, when placed into the Unity editor have appeared in their proper place in the game scene when “played”.

Suddenly, all models “appear” to have some sort of animation/keyframe attached even though these are all static models containing NO animations/bones, etc. When placed into the Unity editor, they appear to be in their proper place, but when the game is started, the models jump to world center 0,0,0. This happens even with the simple default cube that appears in a new file. But only with the models that I’ve been creating, not with any other members art, so the problem is not in Unity.

I really need a solution to this. Apparently I have accidentaly turned something on. I have had the models checked by other team members, in various software, and there are no keyframes/animations that would cause the model to “jump”.

I have checked to make sure that AutoKeyFrame is turned off. No sign of any animation/keyframe can be found. All translations (scale/rotation/location) are applied before export.

What could I have done that would cause this to happen with every model that I have created for the past several days?

I believe that this is coming from the “Default Take” item that gets exported with the FBX model. Is that possible and how to I stop it.

Let me say thanks in advance for any/all assistance you might be able to render.

SOLVED this problem by modifying the .py files for this exporter setting the default to “False” on the options for using the default take information.

In my ever so humble opinion, using that default take file should be a pop-up option. Not everybody uses Blender for animation, I NEVER use it for that purpose, just for building static models, and at least in this case, it caused a problem when importing the .fbx file into Unity.

Anyway, I having it exporting now without the default take, and the models are importing fine into Unity.