FBX export with LODs - why isn't it supported ?

I am wonder why one of the important features for FBX export is missing from Blender, namely ability to export LODs: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Content/FBX/StaticMeshes/#staticmeshlods

Was it an oversight or technical limitation ?

Is it possible for devs to add it to 2.7x series ?


I am not 100% on this but I do know fbx is not an open format license. So dev’s are forced to reverse engineer it I believe.


I am aware of that. But just like the rest was reverse engineered, LODs could be too. As a matter of fact, someone with Maya could set up basic scene with LODs, export it and devs would see what’s going on in the output FBX. Then replicate it with Blender via grouping or somehow else.

I’m pretty sure this is possible. I don’t see the issue after reading the document, besides the auto assigning of lod. You just export all of your lod meshes in 1 fbx and setup the LOD group in Unreal.

That’s what every one who uses Blender with UE4 is doing now. That’s a horrible workflow.

If I have 100 pieces of geometry and each has 4 LODs, can you image time required to set all that up!?

With LOD groups supported by Blender FBX an artist not only saves crap load of time, but can literally make level in Blender, export into 1 FBX, import into UE4 and do minor tweaks using its batch tool.

I imagine that the time it takes to make the 4 LODs is by far much larger! Why are you manually creating LODs anyways? It’s 2016 :wink:

My suggestion is to script it, or see if you can hire someone to do it for you.

Sorry I’m not really any help, but at least our conversation is bumping your post.

Not really. I use decimate modifier. Even LOD took more time to make, it makes matters even worse as not only artists have to spend time making LODs, but also export them and set them up.

So there is no excuse for not having LOD groups export for FBX exporter.

Just need someone with Maya to make a test case, and Blender devs to implement it.