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Hello, i am fairly new to Blender and use it some of my Engineering models where other software can’t help me. I quite some few cases i want to be able to load aerial images and topo maps as 2D elements. So i make a mesh from the exact size and drape over the image.

The problem i have is that the FBX files (which i need as format) do not show the image. In other software, like Sketchup, a seperate map is made but i don’t see Blender do this. Any help would be appriciated.

Processing: Leiden 2d topo.blend…

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Let me see if I understand what the problem is…you have added an image to a plane in Blender and exported it as FBX and you want to have the image show up in your external program as seen in your picture?

When you select export as FBX - Click the gear icon in the upper right if it is not selected already … then at the top change Path Mode to Copy and click the box next to it…that should embed the image into the FBX…

Last time I tried this feature wasn’t working properly. I believe it had been used to work with Blender Internal Render Engine. Take a look at my topic about this issue: Can't embed textures inside FBX

@hans_lammerts I would like to know if you find a solution to this FBX embedding texture problem.

It works but you have to follow this guideline…

You can only have a single node plugged into the Principled Shader…meaning it will not work if you add a Normal through a Normal Map Node or use any type of Mix RGB…
Simply a Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, etc.

If you have a node tree that has to incorporate any type of mix, bump normal…you will need to Bake out a combined image and plug that new image into the Principled or Diffuse BSDF

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