Fbx exporter adds extra armature bone

(micro26) #1

I have a rig in unity with animation . I d like to edit the weight and mesh or even animation inside blender but the exporter keeps adding an extra bone (armature bone) and unity loses the animations. Anyone has solved this? I searched a way to hack the fbx python script and # 3 lines that add that bone but it still adds it.

Any help is really appreciated and needed.

(micro26) #2

I forgot to mention that i use mixamo and unity and i need to correct animations and mesh in blender without losing the unity setup.

(joseph raccoon) #3

There is a code edit that you can find on the UE4 forums to do this, but I think I select null under the armature tab with the fbx exporter to get around this issue.

(micro26) #4

Selecting null in binary is not removing the “armature” root.

Also i found this but it still doesnt work in as i double google searched.And yes i know its in ascii !!!

Please if someone can help me not use max :slight_smile:

(joseph raccoon) #5

I think this is what I did to fix my problem…I may have been up for 36 hours at that point and emptied a few bottles of whisky so…yeah good luck.

(micro26) #6

Can you provide the .py fbx exporter pls? Id be very greatfull.

(joseph raccoon) #7

I deleted the download link I sent you, as a working copy of the blender install I was using was not what you were asking for, my apologies.