FBX Exporter issue

Hi all,

The FBX exporter works brilliantly from the command line, but when I try to use it from within Blender through the python UI, it does not work at all. I press export and it just sits and does nothing until I hit the cancel button. There’re no messages in the console window, either.

I’m using a MacBook Pro with 10.4.10, Python 2.3.

Anyone else have this problem, or know of a workaround? Thanks in advance.

What version of Blender are you using? I’m using the UB build of Blender 2.45 and use the .FBX exporter at least a dozen times a day, no issues whatsoever. I’m running it on a 17" iMac Intel Core Duo and OS X 10.4.10 and Python 2.35 (included on the OS X disk).

If you’re using Blender 2.45, then all you have to do is go to the “File” menu and select “export” then “Autodesk FBX”.

I’m using UB 2.45. I’ve been using Blender since v1.8, so I know how to do the exports. :slight_smile: I’ve been using OBJ export for ages, and I figured the FBX export would work the same. That’s why I’m surprised to be having this issue.

it should work with Python 2.3 but Id be interested if upgrading to python 2.5 may fix it.

I wrote so it should work with 2.3 but there are obscure/subtle differences. (Apple, stop distributing historic software - hint, hint)

Hey ideasman,

2.51 did not fix the issue. Same problem. Note that this is only a GUI problem – the exporter works great from the command line.

Hey Ideasman, I just wanted to get back to you on this.

I found that the exporter works fine from inside Blender on Windows with python 2.51. Since it also works fine from the command line I figured it had to be a problem with the GUI, so I set to debugging.

Near as I can tell, the problem lies in how you’ve done the buttons. The problem comes from this block of code:

				txt = 'Batch FBX Dir'
				name = Blender.sys.expandpath('//')
				txt = 'Export FBX'
				name = Blender.sys.makename(ext='.fbx')
			Blender.Window.FileSelector(fbx_ui_write, txt, name)

Or rather, doesn’t come from it – the GLOBALS[‘EVENT’] == EVENT_FILESEL condition is never reached on my Mac, no matter how much you push the button. Again, on my PC it works fine.

It seems you’re using some undocumented button functions and not using the Register() functionality… Any particular reason you’ve done it this way?

I’m having the exact same problem.

Macbook Pro 10.4.11, Python 2.5.2, Blender 2.47

Has anyone found a solution?

Also, how do you export through the command line?

I’ve got almost the exact same system as yours but haven’t run into this issue. Do you have a sample .blend you can post so I can see if it happens here?

Under posting rules for my account it says:

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I tried exporting the blend file using my desktop pc and it works fine. No idea why it doesn’t work on my macbook. Is there a way I can try debugging it?