fbx from motionbuilder to blender


now when blender 2.69 is out with its new fbx importer i thought i would like to try import a character with motion from motionbuilder into blender. So in motionbuilder i have a character, i merge in a mocap animation, i then plot the animation to the skeleton and then save it as a fbx file. Now back in blender i choose import fbx and all i get into blender is the character mesh, no animation at all.
When i try to import the same fbx file into maya i get both the character and the motions, but how can i import the character and the motions into blender 2.69?

Krolichka :confused:

The docs for the fbx importer states that animations are not yet supported so your results are not surprising

oh crap, well thanks, then i know :yes:

  1. export fbx from Motion builder to maya ( or connect file between app.)
  2. install “open COLLADA exporter” for Maya ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/colladamaya/files/)
    • Only this version of COLLADA works correctly!
    • it is for maya …2012,2013 only.
    • go to Window - plu-in manager - COLLADAMaya.mll ( checkbox Loaded)
  3. export COLLADA (.dae) file from Maya ( bake transforms, Joints and skin…)
  4. import COLLADA (.dae) to Blender. In Blender everything works. (weights, animations…)