FBX Import Accuracy

Hello there. I’m quite new to Blender, and have hit a stumbling block.

I’m attempting to use Blender to import an FBX (exported from Unreal Engine’s Sequencer), clean it up slightly (fix normals, etc), and then export as an Alembic file to be used elsewhere (Marvelous Designer).

I’ve noticed that Blender is not importing my FBX file 100% accurately, which is a problem, as I need a high level of accuracy for this part of my workflow.

I can illustrate this with an example. Consider this specific frame from my Unreal Engine Sequence, showing a close up of some feet close to a bedframe. Notice the gap behind the right foot.

After exporting this as an FBX, and importing into Blender, the foot is now intersecting with the bedframe.

I’m confident that this is not a problem with the FBX export from Unreal Engine, as opening the FBX in Windows 3D Viewer and Autodesk FBX Review gives the correct result, as can be seen below.

Might anyone have an idea on how I can fix this? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to BlenderArtists!

Blender and Unreal Engine use different Measurement Units. So you’ll need to manually compensate on export or import.

More details here:

Does this mesh have an armature? Not only is the foot in a different place, but it’s deformed very differently (outside of blender, it has a strong “hump”), which leads me to suspect you have bone transformations that need correcting. You might try applying all transforms on the Armature and the Mesh, again, assuming it has an armature

Thank you, @RPaladin and @josephhansen for replying, and I apologise for taking so long to acknowledge your help.

Yes, I’m aware of the importance of setting units = 0.01m before importing an object from Unreal Engine.

But @josephhansen, you hit the nail on the head. The mesh does indeed have an armature, and after reading a little more about the FBX file format, and the differing standards used to describe the rotations, it became clear that this was the root of the problem. During my reading, I discovered the Better FBX Importer & Exporter plugin which claimed to sort out these rotation consistencies, so decided to purchase it and give it a try, and it worked a charm. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I’m glad you found a good solution! :slight_smile: