FBX import / export - does it work ?

hello, guys!

I am wondering how are your workflow Blender -> Other Software or Other Software->Blender FBX import/ export going?

Can you effectively use fbx files with correct scale, materials and animation between 3D software?

Or do you have problems (like me) ?

Sometime i export a camera animation from blender to 3dsmax (tracking)
I use blender 2.69 for this, don’t work in newer versions, but perfect in 2.69
I use fbx 2012 when import in max
But for all others animations (not camera) you should use last blender version
For exporting from others softwares to blender, take a old version of fbx, like fbx2012 and generally it work well

gritche: as far as I know the animations (even of the camera) can be exported from blender 2.74 quite well to 3D max 2014 and up. tehy need to be ASCII, for some reason fbx Binary cannot export animation (nor baked animation).

So you suggest fbx 2012 for import / export ? What is you experience with FBX ascii 6.4 or binary 7.5 ?

Really? It says here that it should work… haven´t tried it myself though. Might need a bug report?

it says, but it doens’t work for me

What settings are you using and what are you trying to export to? Ive been using the binary for a few months and it works fine with multiple game engines.

can you export animations for Blender via fbx binary ?

Yeah, its a bit unspecific in what animations you can export, but it works fine. It exports whatever animation actions are attached to the armature. Make sure you select both Mesh and Armature export when inside the FBX Import panel, and to tick the Export or Bake Animation. If exporting selected objects, select both the object and the Armature it’s attached to.

you’re to advanced. I am saying I cannot export a simple animation of a cube that moves on Z position, as a FBX Binary.
Can you send me a file that works on Max via import ?

i’m having problems too importing a skinned character into blender.
for some reason the pose at frame 0 is different :confused:

do you thick the apply the modifiers checkbox when exporting? Which Blender version do you have, export ascii or binary, and where do you import it in ?

i didn’t export the scene, it is from a customer.
i’m using blender 2.75. RC
a colleague can import the scene into maya and max without problems so it should not be an export issue.

sorry, you said importing into blender. From 3Ds max i suppose. Probably you need to apply modifiers before export as well.
For example, I saw that all the objects have to have the edit poly modifier in order to get them out of Max and import into blender not triangulated.

hm, i will ask them to export again. ^^
still strange that maya and max handle the import correctly.

yeah, I even exported stuff from Max 2016 and still the same bug.
I found on some forum that in order to gen polygons you need to have edit poly on every single object in the scene, so I tested and i had no triangles after importing in blender.

good to know ^^

lol, i tried to import again with the final 2.75 release and now the mesh is completely twisted.
this didn’t happen with the RC2 release (only the base pose was imported incorrectly).
seems like the fbx addon is completely broken …

Export from max with FBX2012 (in the options) and it will work
You can also use the free autodesk utilities to convert fbx to different versions…

this is strange. Send me the file to test it, please

can you export FBX files textures with transparency out of Blender? (FBX ASCII)