.FBX import/export normal maps

I’m not sure how common this is, but every time I export, then import an FBX, there’s a normal map listed in the materials for the object. I don’t know why this is happening or how to fix it. For that matter is it fixable, or is it something that can’t be turned off unless I go through the material manually?

Did you create the mesh or did you get it from somewhere?
It could be that the Normal Map and the rest were baked in the File.
You could try exporting as OBJ and reimporting and saving again as an object file…
I would delete the Obj.mtl file so it doesn’t try to load in any textures and turn off the Image search in the import parameters.

If none of this works for you could you share the file … or point us to where you got it…
The original FBX…not the Blend…and No textures…then we can see whats going on.

The mesh is premade, and the issue is that I’m exporting it as an FBX, then importing back into Blender. I also tried the method you said, and it didn’t work.

Here’s the model

Sorry I missed that you replied…
OK, I see now what you are talking about…in the materials, it will always include a connected Normal Node?

I have no answer as it has always included a normal map on any import from any software when imported as an FBX… I don’t like it either but have learned to deal with it…I really don’t like the fact that the normal map nodes are always half a mile down the node editor also…scale-out a bunch and move down a bunch and grab and move up and scale in a bunch…just a lot of time getting to it!