FBX Import Problems

Hello Everyone!

I am relatively new to Blender and have been running into an issue when trying to import an FBX file. I did some mocap using the Xsens system and it spit out an FBX, but when I import it into my Blender project (Ignore leaf bones, force connect children, automatic bone orientation), everything seems to work except the legs, which end up bending backwards and in weird ways (picture attached).

I have tried just about every combination of import settings I can think of and have yet to have any luck.

I have also tried changing the FBX to a DAE Collada file, which fixes the leg issues but then I lose all my movement animation in XYZ space. The character animates right but everything is stuck at the origin. The number of frames is also super reduced as well, not sure why. Almost as if there are multiple key frames happening per frame.

I tried opening up the FBX in other programs and it works no problem, so I think it is an issue with my Blender settings, but can’t figure out what that problems is. Would love any help I could get from people much more experienced than I am!

Thanks so much!