fbx import script

Does anyone know if this exists?

I found one on this forum but it didn’t seem to work.

Mike Wheaton

There was a basic FBX importer I wrote ages ago to show it was possible (and to encourage some other poor sod to finish it), but nobody took up the challenge.
I think the FBX sdk license prohibits us from distributing it with blender so there aren’t many options other then writing one from scratch which is tedious and youll end up with a lot of mail complaining about unsupported features.

FBX works like a charm. Thanks Ideasman for that! But it only works to export. COLLADA would be the best to import. Export from Max works better using the Feeling Software exporter rather than native one. They do one for Maya too. Summer of code is supposed to improve Blender support of collada which currently doesn’t do animation nor envelopes or weight paint though the feature list does talk about support of skinned geometry, sure it won’t genarate any fatal error but skinning is not preserved… at least from Max.
(is there any way to import a weight paint map from maya or an Env file from max in blender?)
Its only sad there is no working solution available to preserve the skinning right now. best you can do is get the armature and mesh from it and reskin it. To transfer anim, don’t laugh: I didn’t manage to do anything except through After Effects using the max2ae exporter and the Atom script which exports a blender python from AE… and then parenting/constraining stuff to dummy objects/cameras that passed between apps. pff… exhausting! any better solution someone?

not finding the post I made the other day… I hope it got published…

*.md5 format.

Anyway, summary of that one:

You may need to go this way: max --> blender 2.41 (save as .blend now) --> blender latest.

It worked for me…

I really wish some format, be it md5 (already working, no? ) fbx or collada (lol, or several of them, would be helpful for several cases…) Get into oficial releases like other formats already greatly do… (I remember the times not even OBJ there…was only dxf and sth else…)

I hope it helps you. The workflow worked for certain game content I made some time ago.

Thanks a lot Extrudeface! it works, I had aready come across this tip but only once and could’nt remember when I searched for a solution last time. Tested with max 2008 and Blender 2.48.4! and I didn’t have to tweak anything in blender!
I have to test more in depth to see how much it will hold.