Fbx import with wrong framerate (and stretched animation)

Hello everyone!
I have problems with fbx import. Whenever I import a character with a bone system and an animation my scene framerate is changed usually from 24 fps to 30 fps or to 25 fps sometimes. The problem is, of course, that all the animation is stretched and the pose of the character at a given frame doesn’t match with its pose in the original software, which is Daz Studio. So when later I import the character’s clothes (a baked MDD simulation also from Daz) the character body penetrates the clothes. And this Is bad. The scene in Daz Studio is also set to 24 fps and by the way the same problem occours with fbx imported from other softwares. As a workaround I tried to scale the animation in the action editor from speed 1 to speed 0.8 (like a 30 fps -> 24 fps conversion) but this doesn’t completely solve the problem: the character pose is more similar but still not identical at a given frame. What do you suggest me? What can I do?

No one can advice me some solution?

I have the same issues. My 30 FPS Daz Animation changes into approximately 25 fps. I can’t figure out the math to scale it back right.

Hey, I found a workaround. I wrote it there.