FBX importer and exporter not working

Well actually theres a problem with the importer mostly. I have this model with I exported to fbx and I tried to import it in another blender file but it failed. I cannot see the model at all. There seems to be no problem with other fbx files though.
Maybe the fbx importer/exporter isnt really good yet?

So what is different about this fbx file and the others that work ?

Have you read the wiki for the fbx importer/exporter to see what limitations they have?

I export a file with 598tris to be used for a game. Later I check the tris, it became 732tris. I dunno whats happening. Usually this didn’t happen before. So theres a problem with the exporter also. I realized that it didn’t overwrite the previous file. Maybe I should just reinstall blender. I checked everything for many hours and I’m sure about this problems.

I havent read the limitations yet. I’m not sure about the the difference of the fbx file with others. Maybe because the others were made/exported from other programs. Maybe thats not the case. Maybe I just need to reinstall Blender because I realized the fbx exporter and importer are not working properly suddenly.

So what is actually difference in the mesh that causes this increased tri count ?

Well I’m not sure how the tris increased. I simply exported the file and then tried to compile it in-game. Then the in-game compiler told me that the tris were above the limit. It stated the tris is 732.

The model is just a simple base mesh and no other modifier. Just plain. With UVs and stuff… Just like when you make any other mods.
The tris just went up like that. I dont know why.
Also, I tried to import that fbx file in another blend file after I exported it. I wanted to check if the tris were real but then suddenly I couldnt see the model when I import it. Maybe the importer has a problem. So I’m really not sure why.

Ok I just reinstalled Blender and I tried to import the fbx file. Still cannot see the mesh. In-game it is working and can be seen.
Don’t know why…

Ok I just checked the wiki…

This is what its stated :Compatibility (Import)

Note that the importer is a new addition and misses support for many features the exporter supports.

  • binary FBX files only.
  • Version 7.1 or newer.

Seems like its still new and cant really import all from the exported file.