FBX Imports from Character Creator 3?

I’m trying to import meshes from Character Creator 3. I was using OBJ format, but since their update this doesn’t work for me- the faces are pasted on the neck, the nipples on the lower rib cage, and there are funny patches elsewhere on the skins. Apparently this is purely my problem, but I can’t find a way to fix it (I reinstalled CC3 a couple of times, no change), so I’m looking at FBX.

When I try to import FBX from CC3, Blender hangs for a long time- several minutes- but the model ultimately seems to import okay. Is this delay normal, or do I have bad settings?

Also, the bone armature from CC3 apparently has something called ‘skin bones’ and the rig is very hard to manipulate in Blender. How do I go about making this workable, or do I just remove the rig and rig it myself?

Hi, I’m using Better Fbx Importer, had no troubles to import a character today. You’ll find the addon at blendermarket. I would go with auto rig pro or rigify tbh.

Did you replace the CC3 rig with an ARP or Rifigy rig? I just got ARP and I’m struggling with it a bit- but I don’t have any background in Blender posing to begin with, it’s all new to me. I got a rig bound to the mesh, but the controllers don’t seem to be parenting properly to the armature, and moving a part doesn’t keep bones together. Lots of stretching ensues.

I think FBX from CC3 is working, it’s just slow, but the last model I imported to practice rigging on went much quicker for some reason. I have no idea why…

I have a pretty limited budget, so I don’t know about Better Fbx Importer unless it does something fairly spectacular. Does it?

Hi Honzo, concerning the rig, not yet. I’ve started with Cc yesterday, have seen your posts over at reallusion :). My work is interrupted by holidays, sorry…

The reason I’m using Better FBX is that this addon produced marvelous results with cgTrader/Turbosqid parts where the internal fbx importer has failed. And it seems to be a little bit faster.

I strongly recomment to go through available tutorials. There’s a free rigify course at youtube, sadly you have to browse youtube for it as I’m typing on a tablet atm.