FBX NLA strip exporting issue

Hey pepole, Im having a lot of issues trying to export my animations from blender to unity. I want to get my animation clips into unity through fbx exporting but for some reason any way I try to get more than one animation into the file it all gets screwed up and the resulting animation clips or actions are absolutely destroyed. I tried a whole lot of combinations in the export window for weeks now to no avail. The most promising method I think is to “push down” my actions into nla tracks so that when I import the resulting fbx I get ONE singular animation (the first one on the stack) looking beautiful, just like before exporting but the rest of them just get screwed up.
All animations are baked so it shouldnt be an issue with keying. Something gets tangled up in the export process and I cant for the life of me get it to work. Has somebody else had this particular issue? What THE FUCK am I missing? Im losing my mind here and I really dont want to drop my project because I cant export stuff out of Blender

Here is the animation before the export: https://i.imgur.com/9K5VeN0.gif

And here is what comes out of the export: https://i.imgur.com/VhXrqUJ.gif

I hope someone can help me

I CRACKED THE CODE. I got the damn thing working. For anyone having a similar issue, 4 things:

  1. CHECK YOUR RIG! I am using a spline ik rig on the arms that seem to have awful issues with fbx exporting for some reason and I had to use a weird workaround method to get it to export as intended. I had the hand bone parented to the wrong bone and it broke the whole thing.
  2. BLENDER’S INTEGRATED FBX EXPORT SUCKS. Please get BetterFBX or some other export plugin to avoid issues.
  3. YOU MOST LIKELY DONT NEED TO BAKE THE ANIMATIONS. I assumed that with my unorthodox rig I would need to bake it all out before exporting. You dont, the exporter does it for you.
  4. HAVE AT LEAST ONE KEYFRAME FOR EVERY CONTROL BONE IN EVERY ANIMATION CLIP. Else some of the bones will get the rotations and locations from other animations, making it look wrong.

I write this for myself when I inevitably forget what Ive done and anyone that finds this on google.

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Uncheck the optimize animation size when export glTF from blender