FBX not showing updated Mesh

Hi, wasn’t sure exactly to post but I guess here as I’m trying to export for Unity. So I had my animated armature working fine in Unity, however I wanted to make a change to the mesh. I scaled up the head vertices on my character and animation works perfectly in Blender.

However as I export the FBX none of my mesh changes have appeared (The head is the original size). I saved the FBX as a new file, and no luck. When I import the .blend file itself, Unity sees the mesh perfectly. However I want to use FBX in Unity as I have some problems with .blend file providing separate material slots, FBX provided slots for each.

Any suggestions on why the FBX is showing an old version of the mesh? Or as a secondary solution, can the .blend file in Unity provide separate material slots?


I have seemed to have solved my secondary solution, using the .blend file and applying the materials correctly. This will do for now, but I would rather use the FBX if possible if anyone can solve that query

In Object Mode select your mesh in Blender.
Apply ->Scale

Thanks for your help. Just figured out where I went wrong, for future reference for anyone with the same issue - I made a rookie mistake in editing the mesh of a shape key rather than the Basis Shape Key. I noticed this when editing the blend shapes in unity that her head enlarged when she was blinking!!