Fbx smoothing trouble

I am using blender to create models for xna. When I export a mesh as a fbx it is automatically smoothed when I view it in xna just as if I pressed the set smooth button in blender. These are architectural models that must not be smoothed. I tested the models in wings and fx composer, the smoothing is still present. Is this an issue with the fbx exporter or am I doing something incorrectly.

Edit: Problem solved, you have to use edge split and apply modifier when you export.

I noticed that too. The only solution I know is to extrude the faces and put it right back on, and dont remove double vertices. If someone knows a better way please tell us.

Can XNA read another import format? If they are just static models why not use OBJ?

It has an OBJ importer but it’s incomplete, but I found this: http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/fbx20091_converter_win.exe it can convert OBJ to proper FBX which is working perfectly.