FCurve Helper - v1.0 released!

Hi Blender heads, here the version 1.0 of FCurves Helper !

Download it here

It is a Blender addon designed to help animators to deal with FCurves, and specifically F-Modifiers.

It is composed by

  • 2 main operators for Adding and Removing F-Modifiers on all selected FCurves with some specific settings (Add or Modify behaviours to only modified existing F-Modifiers…)

  • An inspector showing you the selected FCurves and their F-Modifiers. From here you can copy/paste a single Modifier, enable/disable it, or remove it

Here is the Github

And an overview video of it

Cheers !


Hi guys, just added a panel and a Remove Modifier Operator, the addon is getting along nicely !

The panel :

Remove Operator :

Also added a few tweaks here and there to make it more polished

still stuck on the Copy Active Modifier, i just started a stack exchange thread to have some clue about Returning the active FCurve from python ! Cheers !

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Hi guys, just added an inspector to check which FCurves have some modifier…

Next step will be to add some simple action from here (remove, copy, paste, add)

what do you think ?

cheers !

Perhaps something like .last selected. Active F curve. Will show his modifiers in this list and then choose to copy paste remove same.?

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Thanks for the idea, i wasn’t able to use it, didn’t find any
last_selected attribute nowhere in the api, did i get something wrong ? And the active f curve exists with bpy.context.active_editable_fcurve, but always returns blank so far…
cheers !

I m thinking like 3d view context. But did not know the fcurve context. Didn’t t read the api doc about it. And dont know if active element exist in this context.

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Ok i finally found it, you have to call bpy.context.active_editable_fcurve from graph_editor context, active F Curve doesn’t seem to exist as a property out of context afaik ! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, i added a bunch of new features to the inspector !

You can now do some basic curve stuff from here, and mute/unmute or delete curve modifier !
You can also hide unselected bones when in Bone mode, and hide fcurve without modifier in order to have all the informations in one glance ! :smiley:

You can also set the size of the inspector rows in the addon preferences.

What do you think ? cheers !

Hi guys ! you can now copy active fcurve modifier when calling add or remove modifier operators from graph editor context ! this make things way easier to distribute a correct modifier to multiple FCurves ! Cheers !

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New in the addon : copy paste modifier directly from the fcurve inspector !


Hey guys, v1.0 is here ! just updated first post for it, check it out !


Thanks man! Really effective addon when it come to looping and NLA. Keep the good job.
merci tonton

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Hey thanks for the kind words @skuax ! glad you find it useful :smiley:
And yeah, i’ll keep up the good job, especially in these confinment days, have a lot of time to do some python scripting :wink:
cheers man ! merci !

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I ve made a part of a looping ant walk cycle with your copy f modifiers in a 15 sec commercial then drop it to the nla editor then extend the animation clip timing. Everything work like a charm.

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nice to hear ! :slight_smile: yeah that is typically the kind of case i made the addon for !
Do you have a link to it ?

It’s not officially release now. But I ll make a eevee render about it.

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A walk Cycle on an Ant made with your really helpfull addon.
Model transformed from Blend Swap CC0 license.
Model Base by Meinhard Absalon / Ryan_Plyler
EEVEE viewport rendering set to render
Of course it can be reapeted with offset in NLA Editor Without slidings.
Transform offset curve freezed for render purpose. but it uses also F-modifier for offset repeat.


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great work man, looks really neat ! thks again for the kind words ! post the commercial when it is released to take a look at this bug in context :wink:

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That’s normal to credit u. And thanking you, because you are a part of this success in so little time.
I had to do it manually for each curve before.
it’s a must have for all the animators.

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