Fear The Dark - Sanity Effects

(Excalaberr) #1

Hey guys, welcome to my new game project:

Fear the Dark:

updated 9/15/12

A dark realistic Horror FPS.

The game is focused less on action, and more on basic survival and extremely scary encounters.

By day the player will have to scavenge for food and supplies. You can discover the last of humanity clustered together in survival camps. However not all humans are on your side. If you think you have what it takes, you can try to join one of three factions. Just dont expect an easy quest. Also watch out for other, not so kind surviving humans.

The cannibalistic tribes known as the Depraved are a constant threat in the desert. Fight them by day, but be wary, there are far more fearsome creatures lurking in the dark. Don’t go out at night without some light or else you will be lucky if your sanity survives till morning.

The game is set in a rural forest after a world ending event. The tone is very dark and dirty, everything has been tainted with time. There will be 3 towns in the map, with terrain that spans miles.

Current Features:

  • Terrain that spans miles across
  • Terrain editor addon for Blender
  • Level editor addon for Blender
  • Advanced player setup
  • Working multipath dialouges
  • Gridbased inventory
  • NPC AI with pathfinding
  • Inovative weapon system
  • 10,000 + Lines of code
  • OOP programming for efficient and easy to expand code.

Current Team:
Excalaberr - Code/Models/Texture
Spartan Jason - Models
KCroxtonJr - Animations/Models/Textures
Sonic14 - Models/Textures
DracoComputing - Website

andrew-101 - Code
jplur - Code
larmannjan - Models

Also a special thanks to all the Novus Terra team members and their contributions to this project.

Join the team!
We are constantly looking for team members to help improve this project! If you’re interesting in modeling, texturing, story and creature design, or just interesting in helping this project please PM me.


Night time gameplay. Pre-Alpha:



Also a big thanks to the people who helped with the code and assets we brought over from Novus Terra!

Stay posted for more updates.

(system) #2

so it’s a fps game,I have seen the video and I really have to say that the texture and the sound are pretty well made,good luck with the game.

(RossBlenderArt) #3

Looks amazing, it’s sad that Novus Terra is on hold, but this game will be just as good if not better. Good luck, and awesome work so far.

(Goh) #4

Good luck with that new one guys! :slight_smile: Small crit on the video…make the (flash)light so that it’s strapped on the front low part of the gun. Now it looks as if someone is holding it behind the player’s right shoulder and it’s really annoying for the eyes sometimes when it “blinks” over the weapon’s display when you walk. For the ambience in the game get some strange noises and play them by scripted action or randomly just to unnerve the player. Like sighs, animal gurgles, groans, howls, occasional shriek, door/window rattling/creaks, sand falling,mouse squeak etc. With all that sand there should be something that erupts underneath it to gank the player :slight_smile:

ps The Plunger ™! Fearsome weapon! Kills any zombie by making it laugh to death :slight_smile:

(C.A.ligári) #5

Is this some Kind of »technical Spinoff« to use several achieved Features from N:T for a smaller and easier to finish Game that could more easily get released in Order to keep the Motivation up and consequently getting a bigger Fanbase for N:T as well?

EDIT: It’s just that I first wondered about another Project if it seems so similar that it could as well almost be a Part of N:T, but that Way it makes better Sense.

EDIT to the EDIT: Âh yeah, not to forget: Good Luck with it!

(Jacob Emilio) #6

That looks awesome. Its great to see games of this quality being made in the BGE.

Definitely looking forward to updates.

(Excalaberr) #7

@RossBlenderArt: Thanks for the continued support! I’ll have to stick your name somewhere in the credits, or maybe an easter egg in the game :smiley:

@goh: That light is bugging me now! I’ll fix it right up, thanks!

@lambofreak: Thanks!

@C.A.: You’re close! Yeah Novus was getting too old and too bloated, instead of restarting Novus we decided to start a smaller game and polish the code/assets and then, once everything works great, we will start up Novus again!

At first glance with the info I posted it does sound similar to Novus. But we have a few ideas floating around for this game to make it more unique and different from most games out there.

Dont expect a standard genre game this time :wink:

(RossBlenderArt) #8

Haha, that would be super awesome - amazing!

On a serious note, people support you because, well, your stuff is epic! When I see your screens I’m like “I wanna’ play!” (in my head obviously - I’m not a bi-polar schizophrenic, wait, I am, no, I’m not…) :yes:

You better be spamming my YouTube subscriptions in the next few months!

(leonnn) #9

Excalabber you will blow everybody s mind again! I didnt even need to say how good it is so far, you allready know it! congratulations man!

(Excalaberr) #10

Thanks for the encouragement!

I think I’ll start showing more WIP’s in this thread so if there are some problems you guys can critique them.

So here it goes! My work on the first building for the town/city:

Model + AO:


And here is a turntable of a supermarket:

edit: I just found some texture seems after watching the video, I guess this is productive after all :wink:

Tell me what you guys think

(The Red Hand) #11

Your modeling and texturing skills are incredible. I’ve always admired your work. It’s a shame that Novus is put on hold, but I’m very glad that you still have something in development - it would be a shame to see that go to waste! Keep up the good work!

EDIT: And dangit, quit using ImageShack! Upload it all to dropbox or something! I want higher res!

(luc.ki) #12

you should think in doing a texturing tutorial ex, your models are awesome

(C.A.ligári) #13

I’d have nothing to critisize about the Texture or the Models, but I can imagine that the so clearly defined Dirt that you have smeared over the Builing’s Texture could have an awkward Repetitiveness, as it is an all four Walls the same and it really is very strongly visible, not very subtle. So, you ~could~ take that Dirt away from the basic Diffuse Texture and instead put an extra Texture over the Material that would have its Dirt placed at different Locations, maybe even automatically as far as possible (I think the Generated Mapping only works on the global Z-Direction, unfortunately…)

One Thing that has jumped right into my Eye as well was the Shape of the Clouds. I definitely wonder what they look like in Motion, as they seem somehow blobby on that one Screenshot, but that might be pretty interesting too.

Besides, I’ve seen the not yet here on the Topic published Video on the YT-Channel with the destructible Geometry. I sincerely hope the Chops are pre-made, because it would be shocking in very positive Way if they were somehow created in Realtime.^^ Because that would be on a Level with Unreal Engine 4, but even as it is it looks close to that.


your game reminds me of Rage by ID games. this is cool. If i weren’t working on a short animation i might help with the modeling.


you should up load your work to a blog

(larmannjan) #16

lol Excalaberr clear your message list

Hi i saw your thread regarding your current WIP “Fear the dark” and was wondering if I could participate in it. It looks very nice.

Thank You.

A link to some of my stuff:

(Spartan Jason) #17

This hasnt been posted yet, so I decided I would. We decided on the name for the team to be “Blended Visuals”.

I finished a few days ago an idea I had for the logo:

(Excalaberr) #18

Its unofficially official! We are now called Blended Visuals!

@The Red Hand: But the resized images fit so nice in these forums :wink:

On a side note I had a question to ask to community. What environment should this game take place? In a desert, forest, snow, other? Initially I thought desert, but sometimes I feel like there are plenty of desert games out there. Post your suggestions!


Worked on light scattering in a scene:

Updated the glock 7 texture and material:

Started work on the Gas station:

More updates soon!

(Excalaberr) #19

More updates! With more screens!

In game forests:

Procedural multi-layer forest/foliage generator:

More updates soon!

(Jacob Emilio) #20

Long live Blended Visuals!