Feather study (cycles)

1024 samples in cycles, then motiva for post.

I am not 100% happy with this, but I would need specific help to improve it. It is going to be part of a much larger work, so it is possible that this is good enough, but I am willing to improve if a good opportunity is available.

Maybe it’s not perfect, but it still convincing enough to me. The model is great.
I could be wrong, but i think the problem is due to cycles SSS missing feature.
So, perhaps cycles is not the perfect render engine for this case at the moment.

i like it, i think these are the best feathers ive seen in blender. is it done with the hair? what you should try to improve is the sharp bents seen on the purple one and maybe mix those materials you have with some kind of translucent material

kkilbeee and nezgar are right about the SSS
And I agree the model is fantastic, Im curious to know were made? alpha image? or.. as far as I remember cycles cant render hair particles…

I think the problem is only with the black feather. Because you are using RGB 0,0,0 value. And that never happens.
I just searched in google “black feather” and it gives me RGB 20,19,25 in the darkest places.

When colors are wrong our brain immediately notices and says “this is artificial”.

Another thing is: the length of hairs to the left is very similar to the lenght of the hairs to the right of the central “branch”. And perhaps that happens in some specific feather you are using as reference? But I think one side is always much less in length. Take a lookfor example this one. You see one side is half of the other side in length.

Very very well done feathers!

@bao2: They are not supposed to have realistic colors, but you are right, the black is a bit too black. Also, you are right, I forgot to trim the right side on the black feather properly.

SSS would be good, but isn’t implemented yet, oh well.

As far as how they were made:
Make hair particles
Convert to mesh
Convert to curve
Add bevel object
Convert back to mesh
Add textures

SSS or translucency? i don think anyone used SSS when rendering feathers. i think simple translucency is enough

Wireframe please?

Hi, Kemmler!
Great tips, thank you!
I could add that these solidified hair can be easily bakesd so it will be used as a texture - very good for rendering.
SSS and Vertex Blur aren’t implmented for Cycles (generally) but these features can be used with BI. I already did this with Vector Blur but didn’t tried SSS. So you can :slight_smile: Just copy Scene, switch it to BI, set the materials properly and call it’s passes through Compositor

that is some awesome technique creating feather sir. and bao’s insight is very good.

Good Tips. i was wondering how to render hair in cycles… But this helps me a lot…:wink:
Good Work… Model seems to be good.

With 1024 samples in cycles what’s your Render time??
what is your system configuration??

Awesome how long did it take to make?

I hope that is depend on type of color we use to give shade.

Thank you for the procedure, i read it but i don’t undesteand it totally…
make hair particles ok,
comb cut ok,
convert to mesh? the hair particles? how?

I have no idea how you did this, but I’m bloody impressed.

Select the object, then select modifiers. You can convert particle into mesh. Simple.

Great work.

Over 3000 views and only 16 (17) replies ??? :confused:

And yes, we need SSS or some workaround for cycles


Thank you very much! i didn’t know there was that feature, doing some experiments right now :slight_smile:

nice looking feathers

have you tried to make/ bake a normal map from this ?

i’d like to redo that and see waht it gives!

nice work
happy cycles

Very nice ! They seem natural imho.