feather test in cycles

converted hair particles to mesh, converted mesh to curves, used taper and bevel objects. Thoughts?

I think I need to re-try the hair particles part, and maybe the material is not translucent enough. Anyone have other helpful comments though?

The thing that stands out to me is that the barbs are flat. A real feather’s barbs has changes in x,y, and z. For that matter most things in nature do. I bet you could add a Lattice Modifier and fix it without a problem.

hmm, I think you are right but I am having trouble visualizing what they should look like. They actually slightly curve up from the quill, it’s hard to see in this pic though. Do you mean that they should twist, or rather that the feather should be curved, in a sort of ‘w’ shape when viewed end-on?

Not quite curved enough (around towards ground plane) but other than that, perfect.

Your feather induced me to image search feathers to study exactly what a they really looks like. It was quite illuminating and educational. There are more different sizes, shapes, and structures than seems imaginable! And that’s without even bringing color into the mix. Thanks!

Anyway, I like your image. The warm background compliments the barb color and gives a soft desaturated feeling to the effort. Good job.

As for Crits: I think the quill (i.e. the Rachis) should stop before reaching the end, with the barbs completing a more elliptical tip. Also, the quill looks a little too bright, clean and perfect. Or did you wash the bird first? :slight_smile:

slightly tweaked. I think I will do another one, for some reason the barbs are not evenly spaced, which I think is important to getting the right sort of translucency and shape of edges.

Also I might have the wrong number of barbs, I looked at a photo and counted, roughly there should be in the neighborhood of 350 per side. Not sure how many I have here.

A first glance of the overall shape gives me the impression that you’re already pretty close. I have a hawk feather lying around that looks pretty close to that in terms of the basic shape.

If you want to know, I didn’t buy the feather, it fell off an actual hawk and was found laying on the ground behind our house.

here is another try, what do people think? I am not 100% happy with the feather barbs, they look weirdly fat or something, but I wanted see if anyone has specific ideas on how to finish this.

I’m not sure exactly how to achieve it but the “barb” or stem of the fether should be quite translucent at the bases or bottom and transition to white at the top or tip. There may even be just a tiny bit of translucency at the top as well. Other than that the blueish feather is pretty impressive…nice job:)

Very nice indeed :slight_smile: My only comment would be the tip of the feather, the stem or barb shouldn’t reach the end of the feather so much. Try perhaps comb the fur in a way that is finishing the stem or barb or whatever you call it. Here is an example of how I did mine for my contest entry.

The stem or barb on mine is half transparent and it also has full translucency. I used the same for the fur as well. Mine is rendered in BI instead of Cycles, but I am pretty sure the same can be achieved in Cycle:)

Keep it up, great stuff :wink:

(Full Size)

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

yours is very nice as well, but if you look at this reference, the barbs do go around the quill in that way on owl feathers, e.g. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/10/Eagle_Owl,_Bubo_bubo,_primary_feather.jpg , which was my reference for this particular one. I do need to work on the coloration and transparency of the quill.

Mmmh, veryy interesting, however, even from close, you cannot really see the barb going all the way, even though it is the case. In my opinion, faking a bit things is a time saver :stuck_out_tongue: But all in all, as long as it looks right.

Happy Blending :wink: