Just playing around with the Particle system.


Wow, good work on the feather, looks very realistic.

That looks good! :cool:

I forgot to mention the best part about it. This renders in 8 seconds with 8,034 particles on a 1.6GHz system with 512MB of RAM. I can’t wait to play around with the physics system using it.

Here is the blend.

Damn thats really really nice. Checking the blend now!!!


Hmm I don’t see a particle system here. Did you use a special build?

Should have mentioned that. It’s rev. 13223 from SVN. I combed the feather hair.

Looks very good
and thanks for the blend

try decrease the number of “render” on “Visualization” window to 4
this will fast the render time with almost no effect on the the final image

also try using children Particles with a few original particles this also will decrese the render time alot

hello that was a good test of yours :slight_smile: i played with your blend file for bout 5 minutes and got this outa a new material, SSS and combing the feather a bit more.


Works fine with the January 8 Build. Nice feathers!

Nice! (Though rendering a whole bird would probably take a bit longer.:P)

Hmm, this new system opens many windows…

Tried to pack an entire bird with these feathers = a particle system of particle systems. I didn’t really work: slowing down to a crawl I constantly got “Not responding” messages from Windows. Pity.

hmm, I’m having issues. how do you make it so the particles don’t create on every side, just 2-3 sides? or did you manually cut the top/bottom particles off?

heh, just figured out how. shoulda played around some more.

Is there a chance to see the blend file posted here again?

just bump…